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  1. I always have time for Friday night football games! I always finish all of my homework. TOK answers all the questions I've ever had in life. My dog always has time to spend with me
  2. By certificate, I mean they won't just let you do partial? Like, take maybe IB SL Lit your junior year and IB HL senior year, but not get the whole actual diploma.
  3. Hey! The school you're going to won't let you just certificate?
  4. So far, we're reading Huck Finn and The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby was pretty good, but I can tell I'm not gonna like annotating Huck Finn.
  5. Well, I seriously hated Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. It was literally the most boring book ever.
  6. Ooh I do love TOK. Right?? It's great lol
  7. I absolutely adore TOK. It's literally the best thing ever. Just sayen
  8. I was having this discussion today with someone and was wondering what you guys think. So, is there a true and undeniable difference between being a realist or a pessimist? Or are they actually the same thing, but seen in different lights?
  9. Yeah... No IB PE. That's not a thing. If you happen to have an extra space in your schedule, you can take REC Games or Outdoor Games as an elective
  10. Anyone out there want to help me practice my Spanish conversational skills online? I currently am taking Spanish SL, and I just want to get in a little more practice here and there. Help?
  11. Oh jeez, that's annoying. Well, if essays are the way to go, then why not? Lol Thanks!
  12. So what your saying is that no colleges would look at the fact I have the diploma, and look at the fact that I challenged myself?
  13. Hey Guys! I was wondering if I could get a little help. I'm in the IB Diploma program at my school, and I was wondering if the Diploma part really even matters when you're applying to universities. Do schools really look at you as better than other students, just because you took IB classes and/or got the diploma?
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