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  1. Okay, so I know this is very late but I have chosen history as my EE topic. I chose the period of the Easter Rising up to the creation of the dáil. (Irish history) Anyone who has knowledge of Irish history please feel free to help me. My rough questions are: To what extent did the Easter uprising lead to the creation of the First Dail in 1919? or To what extent did the Easter uprising in Dublin lead to increased popularity for Sinn Fein? How do I structure a question? And, if anyone has any knowledge on this topic, do you think it is a good way to go?
  2. thanks a lot guys! i took your advice and came up with a totally different research question that does relate to history and is on the topic i wanted to do it on!!!
  3. Hello, so I am interested in exploring some parts of American history with this internal assessment. I have the following ideas: 1. Integrating African Americans into Caucasian schools in the USA –Compare what the situation was in a Southern State to a Northern State (perhaps Arkansas vs New York?) 2. Vietnam War (and Code Orange) 3. Portrayal of Native Americans in US media in the 1950s 4. McCarthyism I know the last three ideas are still very vague. I was thinking of choosing the first idea, could a compare and contrast answer work with this? Which idea do you prefer be
  4. Hello, does anyone know if a thousand splendid suns by Khalid Hosseini could count as a book of sufficient literary merit for the Extended Essay? Thankssss
  5. Hello, I am currently taking maths standard but am finding it quite difficult. I wonder if I should drop down to studies as this would probably get me a higher grade. I want to study either politics and Arabic or international relations and Arabic. Will math studies really affect me with getting into university for these courses?
  6. Thank you! I wanted to take three languages... i am a very language orientated person but my school was like it doesn't fit into the schedule... such a pity because those three subjects were my best subjects haha!
  7. I know Sophia/sofia's are the best ! Well I can have a conversation in French... I was talking and played with French kids when on vacation in Italy. They said my French was good for someone who doesn't know French people... I have also taken roughly five years of french! hahah so yeah ooh and also the teacher said i should take HL.. if this helps haha
  8. Hello, I am going to take English Lang Lit HL, French B HL, Economics HL, Math standard SL (might change to studies), ESS SL, History SL. How challenging is this subject package?>
  9. i am taking French B HL, English Lang Lit HL, Economics HL, ESS SL. History SL, and Math SL (might drop down to math studies SL) is this a challenging course load?
  10. Hello, I will be starting IB next week and was wondering how people manage to do IB and have a job.. I would be working a 6 hour shift per week, usually on the saturday. I was wondering if any of you know from experience if it's possible to combine a job like mine with the IB. I want to get good grades but I also know I cannot stop working -- I need the money for college.
  11. Hello, as the title stated I am looking for some explanation on what a math portfolio exactly is. I am starting IB soon and chose to take Math standard level.
  12. Hello, I am starting IB in ten days. I chose to take French B HL (it will be my sixth year of french) and would like to hear what other people think of this class. I really like French and find it interesting, but how difficult is it and what is the workload like?
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