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  1. I did the third question in the novel part, the one about the physical description of characters. The questions in the english A SL tz2 had nothing to do with the novels we took (The awakening, things fall apart, 1984). I just managed to talk about the authors description of winston, julia, and mr charrington in 1984 and the description of okonkwo, the egwugwu, and the white men in things fall apart the questions were really challenging, i hoped for something along the lines of symbolism or setting which would have been much easier to write on but i think id get a 6
  2. I did the poem, it was relatively easier than i thought but when i got out i asked everyone how many pages they wrote and they said 6-7, while i wrote 3 and a half, so im a bit nervous about that even though i included literally everything i wanted to include. Though i forgot to mention alliteration, i did talk about the anaphora in the first few lines and the enjambment throughout the poem. it was a relatively easy poem, much easier than past years, quite easy to find the theme and idea behind it.
  3. Go for it mate. I'm taking 7 subjects right now (with visual arts being my 7th) it's not as hard as they make it out to be. (though mind you, I'm not taking math hl. but dt's reaaaaaaallly difficult too)
  4. To be honest i recommend you make it broader rather than changing it entirely; for instance The Subconscious would be a broader theme than Dreams. You could go for something like "Rebellion" in general rather than teenage rebellion. idk tbh. Good luck!
  5. Some of them are hesitant about accepting Math SL students, let alone Math ST. Don't drop to math studies, just get a tutor and suck it up. it's not that bad. (i'd even recommend you take math HL) check the ib reqs: http://www.bath.ac.uk/study/ug/prospectus/subject/architecture/entry-requirements/ http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/undergraduate/degrees/ubsarcsing05 https://www.kent.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate/apply/entry.html try emailing the admissions office or even giving them a call.
  6. pm me your email and i'll send it to you. :]
  7. i don't know about your article, but i usually get my articles from here. It's run by ib students or something so you'd be sure the articles are valid http://ibeconomist.blogspot.com
  8. Could someone please help and explain it to me? please. thanks
  9. is the examiner coming tomorrow? if he is, then yeah, you pretty much have to be done by tomorrow. if not, then you'd better finish them by the time the examiner comes. (unless you chose to make a video instead of being interviewed by an examiner, in which case you'd better have your pieces ready by the time you film the video).
  10. ^^ i agree with all that, but you have to have something to talk to her about you know? ask her about her subjects, how her first year in the IB is going (assuming she's an ib student). ask her about her teachers, if you have teachers in common tell her about some funny stuff that happened in class with said teacher. That way it wouldn't be awkward, and at least you'd be talking about something, even if it were just studying. You could talk about other things later as your relationship develops.
  11. I'm not quite sure if this is correct but i heard it from several people, i think you have to have English A in order to get into law. Some people I know have taken two languages at A. I would recommend you take English A at HL so you'd have a good chance at getting into a law uni. (HL isn't that much more difficult than SL)
  12. +++ you don't have to know norweigan in order to write about it. I would suggest you comparing it with Kate Chopin's Awakening since both nora and edna (the protagonists) experience a sort of epiphany. Good luck!
  13. Haha, personally i detest chemistry so I can see why you wouldn't want to take the subject. You could always go for Design Technology instead of chemistry, it's a lot funner and comprehensive. Anyway, Economics is a relatively easy subject to be honest but one that needs constant studying, meaning you can't choose to neglect it for a month and hope that you don't forget everything (cause let me tell you, there's ALOT to memorise). I do enjoy studying economics but the essay writing can be a bit tedious since you're merely repeating all the information you were taught. I'd pay close attention
  14. I find that social sciences are easier self studied than in a class room. I barely understand anything in economics class; i rely on my self-studying. So yes, i believe you can handle economics SL on your own (if you really like it). The microeconomics/macroeconomics bit isn't difficult at all. The rest needs a little bit of concentration. I wouldn't endeavour to take Economics HL on my own if i were you though, the calculations can be a bit tricky.
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