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  1. Do your tok presentation on love. Ask the class, what is love? Then tell them that you have found it and your RLS is to ask her out. If she says yes, continue with TOK and get an A. If she says no, shout B*TCH I KNOW YOU WANT THIS D TRUST ME, woman respond to it
  2. Hey guys i have a question that is sort of screwing me at the moment I am pretty deep into my EE in physics, but all of a sudden my principle said it was against IB regulations....but she doesnt seem to know IB very well. My experiment is on a wort chiller, copper tubing that is used to help cool homebrew when being produced . Im just looking into the cooling capacity and how to change it, typical physics stuff. Anyway there is no alcohol in my experiment or anything to do with brewing it - just this one piece of equipment that has to do with chilling the brew!! What do you guys think??
  3. Be wary about physics HL, many people say it is ridiculously tough! Saying that, im someone like you that thinks science is a heap of fun and pretty damn good at it, so you should definately go well! I take HL economics and it is a bit of a joke with the formulas after taking maths and physics
  4. Hey guys im just a bit confused right now with my scenario. Right now the school that i go to is ok, but not the best IB school. That said, i seem to be doing well enough at it and am predicted to go rather well, even though i am just under one year in. My problem is that i was recently told by my parents that i will be moving at the end of the year, but we dont know where all we know is that it will be to another country. It will be to an international school though and the majority of them do the IB curriculum. My question is has anyone here transferred with IB before and if so did it work o
  5. I take Theatre Arts and regret it like crazy!! It is a course that people assume is just idiotic and easy. The work IS easy, but the course counters that by giving you a crazy amount of work you need to do, and hours that you have to have for acting. I wish i took up chemistry SL instead like I wanted, because science has always been my thing and would require similar time. In my school the idiots are the bio students!! I guess its just because ALOT of the people that take the class just take it because of the science requirement, not because they actually want to learn
  6. I think that a few aspects of IB relate to your ability to interact well in a group environment, but personally i can struggle working in a group environment when i have to rely on other people for work completion, especially when it counts toward my mark. I think that communication and responsibility is vital in group situations, just to make sure your team mates dont screw you over
  7. Personally i think the Eco can be quite a easy class, but this heavily depends on you having solid maths skills. If you know all the basics WELL you should have no problem once you pick up a few ideas. Saying that, it can be a challenge if you dont have that math background and looking at the fact you are considering maths studies i would consider that
  8. I use two physics books to study, both are second edition by Tom Kirk, the key difference being that one is just a study guide and the other is a full on text book. I find it extremely good having these two books because they are both specifically for the IB diploma and give you EXACTLY what you need to know. The only problem is that you only get what is required for IB HL so if you want to go on or explore topics a little more than what is required, they may not be what you want. Saying that they seem to be exactly what you would need right now. If you cant afford both I suggest getting the s
  9. Physics HL by far is my favourite class. I just have a teacher that really wants us to go well and forces us to always beat our average on tests ie I HAVE to beat 85% on the mock tests. It might sound funny but being forced to score like that takes the pressure off a little, because it is much higher than the required grade boundaries.
  10. You are right but i think not being able to justify your belief with authenticated evidenec/proof or whatever, shouldn't be considered faith because if one doesn't know about it, how can one believe in it. Now you are talking about a philosophical idea call positivism I think. Now im no philosopher but I think that is when people take the opinion that unless something can be proved by imperial facts, it just becomes something irrelevant. Again this might sound wrong to you, but it is just MY OWN belief not to believe in any higher power. I have no evidence to prove that there is any god or tha
  11. Although I commend your audacity, this seems more suitable for a science fair project (?!). My humble recommendation is to do something that you can actually do (Theoretical or non-theoretical). If you think this will be possible, by all means go for it. The main factor is that you'll need some data to work with so you'll get some marks in analysis and application of physics concepts. Thanks for the help guys, im thinking it will probably be best for me to change it up a bit now. Any ideas on something i could do involving Mechanics/Heat ect?
  12. Im not really sure what it would count as-Its not something that I can get very much data on, but it I something that I can develop formulas to see what the result would be IN PRINCIPLE, but think that would be acceptable when you think of all the other scenarios that only work in principle, ie factoring out resistance ect. I know that I could easily maximise my marks by choosing a topic that is more inline with the criteria, but I wold rather do something interesting that will give actual results, rather than just restating and slightly altering already known ideas.
  13. It might just be me, but i think people talk up the difficulty of physics, just because it is regarded as a course only for the best and brightest. Ive been talking HL for a year now and have been getting 7's in past papers no problem. I think its best just to learn the material well once but go over it every now and then to keep it fresh. Also remember that once you learn a topic alot of the ideas you can apply to later topics - especially between things like mechanics - heat - energy - ect
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