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  1. Do you have any specific ideas? The best thing you can do is to brainstorm a few subjects that you really like. If there are any art pieces that really interest you than you could refer to those and go off from there.
  2. To everyone here, thank you for putting up all of these extra options. My school uses Haese and Harris and I simply cannot stand the way they explain the questions. I find that they leave a lot out of the curriculum, which has left me and most of my peers unprepared for most of our tests. The oxford study guide looks promising though and I'm sure it will help me.
  3. I believe that the latter part of your question is too hypothetical for an extended essay.Keep it short and sweet. "How has African music affected the development of music in America?"
  4. I think that you should scale your time period back another decade. It may be extremely difficult to find accurate information for 2010 as it was only a mere four years ago and most companies do not put up their information online. Also, what is this "large Japanese auto-part manufacturing cartel"? Be specific in your title. I hope I somewhat helped you.
  5. You should be able to transfer, but it will be difficult for you. If the school does not teach the course that you're learning in your school, then you won't get the same kind of credit. If the school in NY teaches different classes, you'll have to self-study and be able to learn courses either with yourself or with many tutors. And yes the public schools are free.
  6. Here's what I did, go read a book. Look up sources and find a topic within the Lebanese civil war that interests you. From there, look at the topic from a variety of standpoints
  7. First off, how are you defining "appropriated" in the context of your EE
  8. For the exploration portion of my math IA, I want to explore the delinquency rates between New York City and Oslo from 1950 to 2000. Do you think I'd be able to extract enough information from this? Or should I change it. My math teacher is not extremely helpful when it comes down to details like this and few people in my class have a good idea of what we're even doing with the exploration.
  9. We probably won't be able to help you, quite frankly. Your teacher is YOUR teacher in the end and we, here, can do very little to help you at the moment.
  10. The most important part of this essay is going to be incorporating your own views into this. Use your experiences in math, whether this relate to the concepts behind money, time, or mathematical theories. As for the rest of your essay, I can't exactly help you until you throw out a thesis for all of us to think about. Any information or ideas you come up with will be useless without a thesis.
  11. Biggest thing: Don't procrastinate on anything. As soon as you get a date for a test, mark it on your calendar and start a study plan for it.
  12. I'm horrible with notes, honestly. I usually just copy down the most relevant information onto a Google Doc. If I have time, I'll make a chart or color code some notes.
  13. I really like your idea. For my presentation, my partner and I used a technique I like to call "reverse-ethics" in which you pin the blame onto the person that you would not consider at fault initially. For example, the Westboro Baptist Church. Instead of blaming them, my partner and I blamed a woman who was saying horrendous things about them.
  14. I don't quite understand how you are connecting it to math. It would be easier to connect this to the human sciences (biologically) (explaining the behavior) (psychology behind it) (etc)
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