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  1. How did you answer the brain imaging tech question? Did you write a lot about how it functions? No not a lot because I wasn't sure about them. So I basically mentioned how MRIs work magnetically through radioactive probes pertaining to the hydrogen atoms in our body. I mentioned two advantages and disadvantages each and then gave the study and evaluated it. I did the same for fMRI (except the function obviously) and then in the end gave general advantages and disadvantages of BITs. You? Wasn't the command term for that question discuss? :/ Is giving the strengths and limitations require
  2. HM, Draganski for MRI Brefczynski-Lewis for fMRI i find queer names easier to remember
  3. Yeah for health I'm just gonna focus on Stress and Addictive behaviour. Out of three questions per option.. I'm pretty sure that it's unlikely that they're ALL gonna be from the same chapter RISKING IT.
  4. Changes from school to school, but at mine; the term grades are averaged and are weighted accordingly (Term 2 holds a higher weightage than Term 1 as you'd have more content) The mock exams for grade 11 also holds some weightage. In each term grade, it consists of tests, mock IAs (or actual ones), but random pieces of work like homework should not count towards your predicted grade. Cheers
  5. That's unique to your school Prizes are only given to grade 11 students in my school because the predicted grade is used. As school ends before the IB results are revealed, giving out prizes based on the same predicted grade would be pointless HL and SL students are separated. Best in HL/Best in SL same subject etc.
  6. I actually did my psychology internal assessment on this topic: Effect of acoustic dissonance on recall ability (which is basically the same as studying for your exams. Kinda) I replicated Perham and Vizard's (2010) study and the reason why people might not be able to concentrate while listening to music is because of the dissonance (shouting, lyrics, weird and non-melodic noises) in a song. Therefore, as many of you have already shared, classical music are usually less distractive when studying. HOWEVER, research studies have also pointed out that although you might not get distracted liste
  7. Ah damn. I chose texts A and B because I was unfamiliar with the analysis requirements of a piece of song lyrics.. I would imagine that it should be studied as a poem but I'm not good with those either This year's text choices felt harder than last year's may 2014 exams.
  8. Yess.. i'm referring to paper 2 Trying whatever to reduce the amount of content that I need to memorize
  9. One of the important things to take note when doing a Psychology EE/IA is that you'd have to adequately reference a research study that has already been done by an established researcher. Although you might be interested in a particular topic, it's more important that you can find valid sources to support your claims. As a psychology student, dreams are not in the psych syllabus (unless it's in one of the options that I didn't study) and thus you'd have to rely entirely on stuff that you read online, which sometimes may not be accurate. If you do decide on following your teacher's advice and w
  10. Hello all, With the paper 2 coming two days later, I wanted to clarify if my method of studying for the paper 2 works. By looking at past paper 2 questions, three questions from different topics in an option are asked. Furthermore, no two questions are from the same topic. For example, in the option health, if the learning outcome "discuss physiological, psychological and social aspects of stress" is asked, the other outcome "Evaluate strategies for coping with stress" is not likely to be asked. (instead, the other questions will most likely be about obesity etc) Therefore, I would like to
  11. I have a friend that did his EE on Economics, focusing on the different rates taxi companies charge in shanghai. He had to conduct primary and secondary research (not easy, because most of the information he needed was confidential). He then analysed the impact of it using econs. (i dont take econs) For the Business EE, it's roughly similar to the Business IA. If you take BM HL, you'd roughly understand what needs to be done.
  12. Hm. But what's the IB grade for my test? Is this in the IB syllabus? When's the latest, laaatest submission date for this assignment? Do I need to do referencing?
  13. EE was surprisingly fun for me. Did mine on category 1 of English EEs, investigating literary influences on one of my Favourite series.. a Game of Thrones. Got a B as predicted grades too which is nice.
  14. Hello all, We're tasked to do a written task 1 on part two of the course (media and mass communication) and most of my friends has opted to write an article piece about a current issue from a renowned columnist. (Friedman, Nick Cohen, etc) I'm not really keen on doing this and was wondering if I could write a blog piece.. about a new item (iphone 6, or anything electronic) and compare the views of different critics? Any suggestions are welcome Cheers! Sam
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