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  1. Within year 11, there is roughly 70 IB students. Year 12? I'd estimate 40 or 50. This is alongside the Australia's capital system. Each individual class (Spanish, math ect.) has at least a group of IB kids. And, each world literature class is purely IB students.
  2. Apply cold, running water to the affected area for a period of 10 minutes.
  3. I have ideas down for both the "Action" and "Service" side of CAS, yet when I think of creativty.. I am left clueless. What could count, and what are some rough examples to get ideas?
  4. Reccently I have been to my future school for years 11 and 12 in order to select subjects I wish to study. When choosing such subject, I was not given any choice as to whether I wished to study then at a higher level, or a standard level. I was thrown in all higher level classes with no option to move down. This cannot be based upon academic performance at previous education institutions as they had no record of past schooling at this point. Has anyone experienced something similar? Is this just? Any advice, or comments?
  5. Honestly the most helpful thing I've heard so far. Thank you and I will consider this all when the time comes.
  6. How difficult is it to achieve a 7 within a class? Specifics and examples would be most appreciated. Most interested in replies in relation to: HL English HL Mathematics HL Biology HL Pyschology SL Chemistry Ab Initio Spanish Thanks.
  7. As a student hopeful at becoming a med-student, I've been carefully pondering over my subject choices for the commencement of the IB. English HL Spanish Ab Initio (irrelevant) Pyschology HL Biology HL Chemistry SL Mathematics HL I would appreciate feedback on the draft of my courses and would love to hear what others are intending to study, are currently studying or have studied as to become a medical practitioner. On top of this, what score does your specific university require to gain entry into the program?
  8. This is true. Thanks for the input. That was the plan, do 4 HL. But is there a certain point at which you can no longer drop down, and you are locked in? Also, will this not mess with assessment?
  9. HL mathematics will not be a requirement to get into the degree that I am striving for. Although, seeing as it is medicine, should I not have a better understanding of maths when the entrance test comes around? I do enjoy maths, but need a very high score. I'm worried HL might drag me down, but feel the need to know it all. Arrghh
  10. Going into the IB next year, I am curious about how it is that the scoring system works. My thoughts are "Why should I do HL Mathematics, if I am likely to get a poor score in it, if I can simply do SL and get a 7?" Is there a cut off for SL, where say, an individual can only get a maximum of 5 for example? I do understand that it is a requirement to study at least 3 classes at a HL, causing the scoring to even out amongst students if that is the case. Even so, if someone could clear this up and provide me and others with some information, that would be fantastic.
  11. English HL Mathematics HL Biology HL Pyschology HL Chemistry SL Spanish Ab Initio & TOK, obviously
  12. Narrabundah College offers French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, Hindi, Korean and English as langauge B.
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