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  1. Hey guys, Well I finally, after many troubles with this, decided to apply for economics and business degree. Althought I don't see myself as an economist my parents advise me to choose economics rather that business, or at least a joint degree telling me that busieness is kind of "all and nothing" soft degree and economics is something that will attract my future employees more. I agree with them but I have maths at only SL level, I am hopefully going to have predicted grade 7 and I don't suck at maths too much, but it is still SL not HL. I wonder if I have any chances to get into economics wi
  2. Hey, I have a problem with referencing in my extended essay namely I own a book that is a collection of essays of many different authors only edited by one guy. I have no idea how to referece it. Do I need to write every single essay title from that book that I used in my work or I just put one name of the whole book? And how to reference the author in the body of the essay - the name of the guy that collected it or the name of the essay's author? My supervisor couldn't help me :c
  3. Thanks a lot Well, I am still not sure if I want to become a proffesional psychologist.. Just don't know if I am able to, it is a demanding profession in my opinion.If I am going to end up working in some firm I don't know if choosing business or some languages isn't more profitable.
  4. Hi guys, relating to psychology I would like to ask you what is the difference between Psychology or Psychology(Applied) or Psychology applied with foundation? I also wonder if it is even possible that I wuill be accepted on psychology since I don't have any sciene on HL, only biology and mathematics on SL. Also, what are you going to do after psychology and generally is it cost-effective? Psychology really fascinates me but I wonder if it is the best coice..
  5. yes, the course has changed and we have to come up with our own idea for an exploration on SL
  6. Check the requirements for the universities that you consider. I am not interested in medicine but as far as I know for european universities you need definitely chemisty and biology both on HL and sometimes also physics/mathematics
  7. Hey, I hope that it wasn't mentioned before but I can't find it... What is the difference between citation and quotation? EE Guide says that the first is not included into word count but the second is..
  8. Hey, I am writing my extended essay in english b on tennessee williams' 3 plays Night of Iguana, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Sweet Birth of Youth and I can't choose which research question is better: 1) What is the role of female characters in Tennesee Williams' plays? 2) What is the role of animal symbolism in this plays? The first topic seems a bit vague and it is hard to imagine for me the structure of final essay, the second seems more logic (since all the plays have an animal in the title hehe) but I am afraid that I won't be able to write 4000 words about it.. Which topic would you choose
  9. What my teacher told me about WL essay is always to emphasize that you are writing about a literary work and literary characters. Avoid the impression that you are writing about living people. When you are writing about anything in your essay always try to answer the question why did the autor write like this -> why he uses specyfic words, symbols, what he wants to show by the behaviour of any character.. Good luck.
  10. Thanks a lot, It is from entry requirements for dietetics MSs, yes I looked quite far into future, but that's because I don't fulfill the entry requirements for dietetics untergraduate, so I've checked masters
  11. Thanks a lot, it seems that I didn't know how to search, now I have found something.. But gosh, now I don't really know what I want, maybe it would be better to go into business, or law, which was my first idea.. Those courses that I found in dietetics area aren't the most prestigious universities and I wonder what job and what salary will I have after psychology.. I really cannot understand all that "modules" stuff. Could please someone be so kind and explain it to me? I would be very grateful What does IT mean.. :
  12. Thanks a lot for reply I do agree with you that maybe there is too much pression.. And for many of us the goals will change. But we have to choose something for the time being.. but I don't understand fully what you mean, because what I meant was that I would really like to do undergraduate in dietetics, but I can't because of my lack of chemistry in IB. So that's why I am searching is there any other option how to become a dietetician, or do something connected with it and hoped that maybe someone would give me some advice.. That's simply because I don't possess a huge knowledge about eduact
  13. Hi guys, I am about to start the second year of IB so it is time for me to start thinking about the universities. I have to admit that my subjects in IB are kind of random because while I was choosing them I had completely no idea what to do in my life. So those are: English B HL, Polish A HL, Geography HL, Biology SL, Maths SL and French SL. Actually, I am more fond of my SL subjects than HL . Now I know that my deamed career would be the career of a dietetician, or something connected with it. However, the problem is that as far as I know I need both Biology and Chemistry HL for Dietetics c
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