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  1. TOK Syllabus. Not sure what the difference is between this and the guide posted above, but here it is for ****s.
  2. Here's also a TOK essay planning sheet and the IBO TOK course guide.
  3. Let these questions guide you: 1- what are the knowledge claims that are made? 2- how do they "know" what they claim? 3- How can anyone know this? 2 and 3 need to cover the straight up answer then relate it to the disciplines involved, their methods, ways of knowing etc. It seems to me that you are presenting two ideas in one statement. One being that we all interpret events and things around in a way that reflects an aspect of ourselves. Take a look at some of Jung's work. Jung always theorized that the reason we dislike or like an individual is whether or not they reflect an aspect of ourse
  4. Hey, I noticed that there wasn't really anything on here for help regarding the TOK presentation. Anyway, here's some stuff. I hope this is useful, no guarantees. Someone should throw up some example presentations.
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