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  1. Hey! The Eng Lit exams were fairly reasonable in my opinion, and thats the only exam I've had so far ahahahaha. Thanks and good luck with your studies too
  2. I did the poem on paper 1 too, I think its more about finding a place to belong, a sense of warmth, loving and having a home-y feel. Hence, the title "The Hug". For paper 2, I did the Drama question: 2. The one about the notion of being "Infinitely positive and a sense of doing good" and to what extent do you believe in this notion, Or something similar to that. Overall I think it was an ok paper 1 and 2, not too hard. But the questions (for me) needed a lot of processing until I actually understood what its asking for.
  3. When you add "To what extent... " to every possible sentence. E.g. To what extent can the HL chemistry kids survive their final exams? Or is it just my friends? hahaha
  4. Yes ahahhaha, I have tutors for English, Chem and Math. Partly because I was failing these subjects in IB1 and also Chem HL was just too hard for me... Since im not a very mathematical based person :/ And tutors that understand the IB Syllabus is hard to find, I've had 2 math tutors and 3 chem tutors. I think the best tutors for IB are past IB Students or someone who understands the IB syllabus
  5. I think it would also depend on what texts you have, all of my texts are plays so I think the quotes are quite easy to remember. To remember the quotes, I try visualising the scene and what they are saying. This is how I remembered the quotes, it seems really stupid but it actually works. Anyways good luck for exams tomorrow I hope we all get 7's
  6. https://www.youtube.com/user/richthornley/playlists he has both SL and HL subtopics. www.ibchemistry-review.blogspot.com.au/ has good summaries www.IBchem.com not very detailed but it works you can also google IB organic chemistry and there should be a list of websites you can choose from.
  7. Hi guys, so..... On the 18th of November Chemistry HL and DT HL paper 1 and 2 exams are all held in the same sessions. This means 3hours and 15 mins for the 2 chemistry exams and 2 hours and 45 minutes for the 2 DT exams. That accumulates to a total of 6 hours of exams without any breaks in between them. The IB specifically stated that afternoon examinations must start after 12 noon and finish by 1800 hours local time. Which is exactly 6 hours as well, and I'm pretty sure that you have to exit and enter the room for each exam with all the pre-exam stuff. This means that it would exceed 6
  8. Mai

    CAS Help

    Yay! I just finished the Inner Core (CAS, TOK and EE) Yes, Golf and body combat classes counts for Action. As h0rr0rsh0w said CAS is completed across 2 years, but your IB coordinator would probably set goals to keep you on track. Such as by the end of year 11 you should have completed 2 Activities and have started on your Major project etc. or something similar to that. I think it depends on the school wether they let you go onto grade 12 if CAS, TOK or EE isn't completed, but I'm pretty sure they would let you go onto grade 12 either way. For me CAS and TOK started in grade 11 in the begin
  9. Its best if you check with your CAS Co-Ordinator to make sure, because at my school we were not allowed to count blogging for CAS. Ohh and i can totally relate to your first post ahaha procrastination is my best friend!
  10. So... I'm not really sure on what to do for my DT EE, so i was thinking something along the lines of "The influences fashion designers have on the 21st century though the usage of Materials, Product design and Product Development" But is this a good Research Question?? and how can i develop it? im not really sure about this one... Please help me!! Thanks!
  11. Well my math, chemistry and English teachers said that the study guides are awful and very expensive! and they suggested not getting them. You can see if your school library has some though. But for chemistry you can Try Richard Thornley on Youtube he teaches the SL and HL syllabus on youtbe and each subtopic is about 3-4 minute long. Im not really sure about the Math and English though.. Sorry :/
  12. Hello, so is it like street furniture? well, you should research different kind of street furniture and what they use to make it, e.g. materials, durability etc. If they are comfortable and why/ why not. make an introduction explaining what is benches and why/ which one are you examining. there is a copy of my research focus... here is the first two of mine. and i deleted the other ones because they contain the information of my school and stuff so yea... Hope this helped!!!
  13. Version PDF


    Business and Management Topic 1-5 glossary. Sorry for the really bad layout and also some of the sub topics are missing :/
  14. Hello.... so ummm since this year's case study is RDB. Would the paper 1 mocks be on actual IB created Questions or would it be random ones that our teacher made up? and also for paper 2- are they past exam paper questions? ohh sorry if i seem kind of annoying/ new to this... its beacuse i take Business and management SL anticipated and im really nervous about the mocks because i have never done them before. Thanks
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