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  1. Hey guys, So recently I've been looking for some psych past papers to practice with, but it seems to be impossible to find any past papers from 2011 - 2013 and apparently there was a syllabus change from 2010 - 2011. Out of curiosity, what changes occurred? Do you think its ok for me to use the old past papers from before the change?
  2. wow that's great, thanks! I think Ill try to substitute Gage studies with other ones... I might mention it just for fun but Ill stick to more recent studies for actual evidence.
  3. Hey, I don't take Politics but if your worried about ensuring up to date content (if that's what your eluding to when you say 'relevant') then why not try the Russia and Ukraine conflict or even the Syrian crisis? If you want to get really in depth, there was tension between Russia and Saudi Arabia before the Winter Olympics regarding the Iran backed Assad Regime and the Syrian National Coalition - something about them backing different sides etc. There was a point when the security against the Chechens during the Winter Olympics in Russia was a concern due to the conflict. Just ideas if your
  4. Hey, So I was wondering if Seligman's study with dogs regarding learned helplessness progressing to depression actually belongs in BLOA. The site ibpsychnotes.com has it under the ethics question for BLOA and I use it for some other learning outcomes as well. I've been thinking about it and I'm worried that it may not technically belong in BLOA. Can anyone confirm or refute this?
  5. well, what if I use both? And could they really take points off for using it? Does it say anywhere that we absolutely can not use this study? Do you know anyone that used Phineas gage as a study and was marked down?
  6. I would suggest the use the one on bioninja because you will have to know the structure of an amino acid anyway so might as well learn both.
  7. ok that's a relief because it really is a good study plus I would be using other studies as well so it will be accompanied by other evidence Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I've heard that the IB isn't fond of students using the case study of Phineas Gage. Is this true? I was planning to use it for the biological level of analysis specifically theses learning outcomes: Outline principles that define the biological level of analysis. Explain how principles that define the biological level of analysis may be demonstrated in research. So, should I or should I stay away from that case study? Same goes for HM and Clive Wearing - should I use those case studies?
  9. http://www.sphsgator.net/sphsteachers/domanskil1/chemnewsyl.pdf This is the Chemistry Syllabus which includes all the chapters and assessment statements. Hope this helps
  10. Hey guys, So I'm really worried about my English HL Paper 1. My teacher did not work on it that well because she felt that Paper 2 needed more attention but quite frankly, I'm more concerned about Paper 1 than Paper 2. Is it true that we can use first person when writing Paper 1? For example, can we say "I believe" or "In my opinion"? Also, can topic sentences frankly state, "My essay will discuss..."? Also, how many points should each paragraph discuss? I know this is a rather vague and self explanatory question, but my teacher frequently says that I try to tackle too much in one paragraph, w
  11. Alright, thanks so much guys! I think I might stick with two theories or two models to be on the safe side. I don't know why our class was taught one theory and one model rather than two of one... Anyway, glad I know now rather than getting stuck on the final
  12. So, as I was studying for psych paper 1, I came across this learning outcome in the Cognitive Level of Analysis: 3.6 Evaluate two models or theories of one cognitive process with reference to research studies. I had originally planned to discuss memory as my cognitive process, using Schema as a theory (studies by Brewer and Treyen as well as Bartlett) with the Atkinson and Shiffrin Multistore model (study also by Sperling). But I'm concerned... Should I use ONLY 2 theories or ONLY 2 models? Or, is it ok that I have used one model and one theory? Can I lose points for that?
  13. Paper one consists of a test booklet of 4 texts labeled A,B,C, and D. An answer booklet is also provided in which a number of questions are outlined for each text. Text A and B usually have an average amount of questions with text C having the largest amount and text D having the smallest (2 -3 questions). All questions test the students ability to read and comprehend the text that including literal meaning, text content, vocabulary, and grammar (not as heavily though). Question sections include multiple choice (usually asking about the main purpose of the text or text type), matching question
  14. Since it's getting close to examination, I've been looking for ways to reduce the time taken to answer particular questions. So I was wondering, is it ok to use bullet points when answering questions? I ask this particularly for long/short answer questions in the bio paper 1, 2, and 3. Also, can bullet points be used for psychology 8 point questions? Or do they for sure have to be essays?
  15. Hey Everyone, My class just performed an experiment regarding organic chemistry however it was a purely qualitative lab. I asked my teacher if this was considered IBO standards since there's no numerical data and she insisted that it was. Now that I have to write the lab, I'm conflicted as to what I should write for my data collection and data processing. Are IAs allowed to be purely qualitative? It doesn't seem like the rubric allows for that. What should I do?
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