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  1. Damn this sounds so awesome, wish I could've taken film...
  2. Sent application: Today! woo that was nerve-racking. Subject: Film or media and communications Grades/predicted: 45 predicted with: HL Art - 7 HL English Lit - 7 HL History - 7 SL German ab - 7 SL Biology - 7 SL Maths Studies - 7 + 3 bonus Universities applied to: Goldsmiths (media & comms) Queen Mary (film) Queen's Belfast (film) Yep. Only three of them. If I don't get into Goldsmiths most likely I will be taking a gap year, getting some experience, and then reapplying
  3. I feel like you either have exactly the same idea as this person, or are copying them: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/25920-worldwide-cas-check-it-out/
  4. Hello fellow peeps, Hope your day is splendiferous. Question for you - what sort of things did you investigate for your IAs, to give some sort of idea what possibilities there are out there? We haven't done any yet (despite being May 2014 exams) but we're starting them all now. First one I'm doing is about potatoes and hydrogen peroxide (enzymes woo!) What's some (hopefully fun and not too tricky) topics you've experimented with? xx
  5. Same here, ACh just boosted this topic so I only just saw it - but I would love to get involved! I'm in Germany so we don't have that much going on here, but it would be great. Message me if it's still in progress? My e-mail is [email protected]
  6. Also done, good luck!
  7. Would definitely steer away from your English one. I had the same idea, and I was super confident, I was going to analyse the Bell Jar and Girl Interrupted. But any document you red by the IB discussing the extended essay will outline very clearly that if you do this you are going to be in trouble. The essay simply has to be literary focused, and using an English essay to discuss other subjects such as psychology is something your examiner will notice within a second and will mark you down for. Thankfully I discovered this in time and now have a great book to analyse looking at unreliable narr
  8. People are not allowed to find knowledge issues for you on this site. They can help you develop them or word them however. try a new post when you've done some thinking yourself (:
  9. Sorry but llamas and alpacas are the best thing that ever walked this planet. However, gummybears. I loathe gummybears.
  10. I'd imagine you are fine. I go to a German International school (here in Germany, but I'm english), and we have German kids here taking the IB that are taking German A. German A is a course that obviously requires fluency, and with your passport and history of education in Germany, you should be fine. However, consider e-mailing some German universities, or looking at their online course requirements for IB. Take into account that you need a science at higher level to gain access to any course in Germany (or so I am told by all my German friends and people applying here). Good luck!
  11. Also, you might want to look at Psychologist Abraham Maslow, he claimed that humans no longer have instincts, because we have the ability to override them. I would use this as a counter-claim. State what you think about which is better - human or animal instincts, and then counterclaim with something like Maslow's idea.
  12. Neither is better, they work in different ways. For example, human instinct can be clouded by our thought processes and decision making processes. Psychologists think that humans have two parts to our decision making, one instinctive, and one that is more conscious, whereas some think animals only have the instinctive. However, this is a complex subject that will probably require you to research!
  13. Thanks for replying. I know. I wanted to study Economics last year then changed my mind . Are you applying for German Universities? Nup I'm originally English and I plan on heading back there I'm applying for media & communications, or film... Woo
  14. Visual arts and drama are difficult to get 7s in - however, the bonus is it's one exam less in May I'm really looking forward to this as a result - if you want high scores in your other subjects, this can be very helpful. One set of exams less to study for. Drama has quite a bit of research, but on the whole less work than art. However, theoretically, you need to be able to act, so think about that one Business is supposed to be an easy 7 - but lots of universities look down on it, as it's supposedly just a lot of common sense.
  15. Well I am in an international school in Germany, and here people who want to study here have to take a higher level science. I think a higher level maths works too. I'm sure they will have a language requirement test - you are going to need to speak pretty good German to pass that. I'm pretty sure your chances of getting in will be drastically reduced if you change to certificate. The fact that you aren't taking German as a subject is also a little worrying. I would consider getting a German tutor, and looking around some websites for German universities to see what they require. Wanted to st
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