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  1. Hey peeps I have my paper 2 English sl exam in one weeks time From people who have already written it before: are there topics or themes in the questions which always tend to come up in the exams? Like the timelessness of the work or violence or ??? Thanks. â¤ï¸â¤ï¸
  2. Hey guys my teachers wants us to hand in all our lab reports tmrw because the external deadline for the IAs is at Friday so they're sending them off. However I cannot hand them in since I'm sick at home and nobody knows where i store them in my room at my boarding house.. Is it really bad if I don't hand in an IA? Like will I fail my diploma ? Xx
  3. About your tattoos, did they hurt like crazy? Ive done research, but it was weird, and they all said ask someone. did yours hurt a lot? and how did you convince your parents? No the pain was not that bad. It depends on the area where you get it. If it's a particular bony area it hurts more. And the other way around. It also depends on the tattoo method your tattooist uses. If he only scratches over your skin(like mine) it does not hurt that much. You just have to see how it is for you. Pain levels are different for everybody
  4. i have two and i absolutely love them! i got my first one with 15 and it's the deathly hallows sign of Harry potter on my back, like right between my shoulder blades. The other one is" La vie est belle. And i have it on my collarbone. I got it with 17. I adore my tattoos and would love to get another one as well. A heart on my wrist or my grandma's and sister birthyear in roman numerals on my rips. seriously just get a tattoo
  5. Do you have good sources about Hitler ? like to use for your historical investigation?
  6. i'll be so happy when it's over. Our math teacher was like: In the next 4 months you will have no social life anymore. So stock up on Red Bull and start studying But i think nobody will miss IB...
  7. I've got an offer from Manchester Do you want to go there ? I mean it is your top choice? congrats on the offer
  8. Sent application on 27.11 Course: International Fashion Management Predicted grades: 37 points Universities: UCA King's College London University of Manchester Richmond University UAL OMG i'm so excited did anyone got invited to an interview yet ? or received any offers?
  9. But is this so bad? I mean you can study math at uni... won't that be enough?
  10. if you're that good at math maybe ask a teacher if he is willing to assist you with math HL ? If you're that passionate about the subject and are really good in it it's worth a try! About the bullying. Just stay strong. My friend was bullied aswell and she worked her ASS off showing the others she's so much more than they think she is. She worked hard, impressed the people and was ultimately accepted by Oxford. Dream come true. Focus on your dreams and let nobody stop you or telling you you can't reach it !!! I mean you won't see the people from your highschool any longer after you graduat
  11. Hi guys, i have to turn in my EE tmrw and i'm just polishing it. When referencing and citing how do you cite kindle books ? I mean they don't have page number just positions .... help me thanks
  12. you need to state with what part of the question you're struggling. just writing urgent help needed is not enough for us to provide you with help
  13. use the bioninja app to study . it's a lifesaver and has the whole syllabus in it and cool songs to memorize all
  14. or maybe try to find out why they do it. ask them? do you have a problem with me ? why are you ignoring me? maybe this will open up their eyes about how they treated you
  15. if your friends don't respect you seriously rethink your friendship with them. If they were really your friends they would not do that to you
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