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  1. I can tell you that that topic wouldn't work for a history EE, but I don't know enough about the other two to give reliable advice. Also, if you're planning on doing a history EE, keep in mind that everything mentioned has to be at least ten years in the past [otherwise it's considered current events]. The thing about this general topic is that it's actually part of the IB history syllabus - goodness knows I spent an entire trimester up to my ears in the Arab-Israeli conflict - so you're going to have to talk about something that isn't mentioned much by the actual IB course. What's something
  2. Probably biology, but I have to warn you - IB does not take kindly to double-subject EEs, so be careful when you're coming up with topics. I did my EE in English, so I'm not terribly qualified to answer regarding doable experiments. I'd suggest talking to your EE advisor and/or teacher for ideas of what students have done in the past, as well as taking a look at example EEs. Also, consider your resources. Are you near a research university or something similar that may be willing to let you borrow equipment and/or helpers? They're usually happy to foster any love of science in students and y
  3. I'd have enjoyed my EE a lot more if I hadn't had to do it in about two and a half weeks because my TOK teacher thought we had literally no other demands on our time. Sigh. I do still love the book I chose to do it on, which as I understand it is a lot more than many can say.
  4. Nah, IB has zero influence on internal deadlines. You're good :]
  5. Hey, I actually studied this topic back before my IB days! It's pretty interesting. Regarding alefal's comments: There really isn't any debate about whether JFK influenced the outcome. He did. In fact, there is a wealth of evidence that JFK's handling of the situation is almost the only reason there wasn't nuclear war. Using "to what extent" thus doesn't make sense in this case. Might I suggest using "in what way" rather than "how"? But other than that, I agree - your RQ isn't precise enough. Are you talking about military, political leadership? Of whom - the nation, EXCOMM, US-Soviet nego
  6. First of all, have you read the advice thread pinned in this forum? That ought to answer a number of your questions right there. Secondly, I found it easiest to stock up on 3-7 decent sources and trawl through looking for relevant quotes. When you find one, write it down on a Google doc or a word document. Eventually you'll have a lot more evidence than you can actually use, but once you've come up with a question and/or thesis you'll be able to narrow down the important stuff. After that, outlining and writing is pretty straightforward. Actually, King112, #2 ought to be a summary of evidenc
  7. If we're suggesting other fools, I absolutely have to put in a good word for Falstaff from Henry IV. What a lovable old fogey.
  8. Hi guys! I apologize in advance for the ranting you're about to encounter. My school is ... how do I put this tactfully... not the best IB school. I've gotten used to that - it's a somewhat rural public school, after all. [For non-US people: public school is the free one that literally anyone can get into, while private is expensive and exclusive.] There are still some crazy intelligent students in my year group, though, so I manage. But my TOK teacher, guys. She's really bothering me. Our TOK period is one class period for one trimester of the year. We did all the basic TOK knowledge st
  9. Also, do not do the deodorant thing. Even beyond the previous objection against using other people, that is really, really creepy. As in vaguely stalkerish creepy. Too much deodorant is a turn-off most of the time as well - people should only be able to catch a whiff when they're nearby, and when it's a good deodorant they want to come closer to smell it again. But again, please do not attempt to seduce your lovely lady by drowning her in deodorant
  10. The trick to making conversation seem natural is to begin with something recent, relevant, and non-yes/no. Since you've got TOK, why not ask her if she's got a favourite way of knowing? If that's too pseudophilosophical maybe just go with something like "do you like TOK?"
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