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  1. Well there's nothing to lose. If you are 1% away from the next grade then you are atleast 8% away from going down a mark, which is very unlikely, close to impossible. Yet there's a good chance to increase by 1%. So i'd highly suggest you go for it!
  2. I'd encourage taking TOEFL without taking any preps. As an IB student studying in english you'll get a decent score. If not it is always a plus having done TOEFL. Its a win-win
  3. Depends on subject, number of free senior examiners, and how many people requested a remark. I got my remark in 18 days, can take you more or less, but usually thats the average.
  4. My biology internal got moderated from a 7 to a 2 due to bad samples, still managed to get a 6 overall though.
  5. About this, I don't get why people can't seem to back up. It's not even hard. Just install dropbox on your computer and save your work in there by default. It's automatic, and it's free. Well, its just something that you'd never expect could ever happen. I mean the chance is extremely low, and you just happen to overlook the fact that even though the chance is low, it could still happen.
  6. Well there are things you have to consider: 1- You will be using Office/Word document most of the time. Getting a super-laptop with huge RAM and processing capacity is not really needed. 2- Battery, you will need it. (thanks to Negotiation for pointing this important point out.) 3- Portability, especially if you use it alot at school. Now for the discussion between Mac VS Windows, consider the following: 1- If your teachers/school use Windows, get a windows laptop, Incompatibility issues might occur and can be annoying. 2- You will have to get software in order to run question banks My adv
  7. Got my Results! Total: 41/45 Arabic SL: 6 English B HL: 7 Business and Management SL: 7 Physics HL: 6 Biology SL: 6 Mathematics HL (calculus): 6 ToK: A EE: B Bilingual Diploma awarded EDIT: Remarked Biology
  8. I hate to break this to you, but the angle was correct. I also got this question wrong. The correct answer was tan(1/n)
  9. Paper one: Hell. really, Satan himself created the questions. Especially the one about the train and observer and the Doppler effect. And i was so nervous because it was the first paper, so i got the first page wrong (found units of Force instead of energy/ Found average velocity instead of instantaneous velocity) Paper two: Section A was different, The part about the robot and CCD i am sure i got it wrong, but i know i used the right method. The rest were pretty fun. The Data analysis question was tough though. Section B was easier than A. Chose 6 and 9, pretty decent, but contained very biza
  10. Paper 1 was quite entertaining, the text about the Ladies of the Church (Camilla something) was very very annoying.. I think i lost a couple of marks in that section. Overall was good. Paper 2 section A was annoying to be honest. I chose the question about the sports figure that said Sports aren't for leisure time. I really wrapped the whole subject but couldn't get to the aim of my email due to word count. Section B was pretty good. I chose a letter so it can contain more emotions (trigger emotions in readers) and reflect on it, and i think i did a good job at it. Overall Verdict: Was good!
  11. What i understood from my teacher is that letter boxes (A,B,c,D) you can cancel out and write your answer outside of the box since the box is already too small to make any corrections. But if it was a text, anything outside the designated area will not be counted. I hope what my teacher said was true, because i have one box in which i did the same as you did.
  12. Fiz

    Acceleration of Proton

    Excellent responses. Thanks Seeing you both are May 2014, good luck to you aswell!
  13. A proton is accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 1000 V. What is the potential difference through which an alpha particle must be accelerated to gain the same kinetic energy as the accelerated proton? Thanks in advance
  14. Don't worry. Exams are sent together in a pack. Just be sure to call him/her aswell now to be sure that the right action is taken immediately. Best of luck Edit: Information as from my IB Co-ordinator
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