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  1. I feel like you can write a lot to compare and contrast Stalin and Hitler. But my experience with my extended essay is that 4,000 words is not a lot! Not for history! You can't have a topic too big that you will not be able to analyse as much as you want, hence your topic should be detailed, or just do one leader.But you do need to have a lot of sources to be able to write a 4,000 word essay. Your topic is specific enough that you can definitely write a 4,000 word essay, but I don't know how much resources you will be able to find on your essay! Having enough sources to analyse is important
  2. If you are doing HL History, what we found really useful is doing our IAs in our Paper 3 topic. It will be really tough for you now, however, it will be easier for you afterwards when you are studying your paper 3.
  3. I am starting IB2, and I am also doing History HL. If anyone can help me with some books as well, it would be amazing! I am doing Paper 2: Authoritarian and Single Party States, and Cold War. And Paper 3: South East Asia (China and Japan)!
  4. -Coffee -Sleep (My naps more importantly!!) -My laptop and hard-drives -My friends -Lastly, hope and perseverance that I am going to get into a good university for sure.
  5. Hi Hass, I was in the same position as you were last year, I took economics for GCSE instead of history. And now I am taking Higher History and Higher Econ. It was quite tough in the beginning and even now, especially since I didn't have the skills to write a history essay. But it is my favorite class, and you definitely have to put in a lot of work with different essays and lots of reading. And if you are doing it at SL you will be fine! Because you will have a whole year to study for the two topics and then you will improve by a lot! And if you are in UWC you will do fine! I have frien
  6. I take both History and Economics at HL, while I find that History is much more interesting (and a lot of colleges consider this a traditional subject that is recommended but not required for law), Economics is much easier to get a better mark in. Economics is also quite dry, so if you aren't interested in it, maybe it is a good choice to switch to History. But do know that you will have a lot to catch up on, both on skills and knowledge! All the best!
  7. We are currently doing Theory of Firm... Our teacher speeds through stuff quite fast.
  8. I believe that in the diploma, if you do not finish CAS or the reflections they will withold your diploma for 6 months until you finish all the right reflections (at least that is what I was told in my school). And I doubt that you will get a 1 in any subject unless you refuse to do any homework, IAs, and the exam!
  9. Can't you drop Math HL to SL? A lot of teachers don't suggest for students to take 4 highers! But all the best to you!
  10. For me, my hardest subjects, are the subjects I enjoy most and it is Math HL and History HL.
  11. I think that you should check with the universities that you are thinking about applying to. But most of my friends who are thinking about going into the science field will have at least Maths SL!
  12. I am taking: Math HL Economics HL History HL English Lit A1 SL Biology SL Spanish AB SL All the best everyone!
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