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  1. Hi! In my opinion you should really keep maths standard level
  2. well, first of all make a list of all the things (preferably real life events, issues, current affairs) you are most interested in and then go from there
  3. according to the IB any format is okay as long as you are consistent throughout!
  4. I'm sorry to say this but when it comes down to it, it really is all about just sitting down and studying. However you can try things like: studying in groups, voice recording your notes and listening to them and studying each subject for 45 minute blocks. good luck!
  5. Are all three papers sent to the same examiner?
  6. I'm surprised you found the EE History Criteria vague, I found it to be very specific! Just make sure that you are ticking all of the boxes and that you meet all the requirements at a high level and you will definitely get an A. Also, if you are still not sure try talking to your teacher to get more specific advice. good luck!
  7. Hi, although i did not do my EE in my language B i think that you should just apply many of the same principles: do as much original research as you can, be clear and concise and make sure that you have a focused question which you answer throughout. Good luck!
  8. In my experience with the extended essay, it is better to do as much research as you can and write your essay before you finalise your title
  9. Just make sure you look at: use of names and words in terms of denoting rank in society the power words bring to offred
  10. i don't really understand what that means but it could mean that you need to use evidence
  11. It is a good topic but you will need to look into it with more depth and more of a TOK focus (especially through examining the different AOKS and WOKS)
  12. For engineering you DO need at least maths SL for melbourne/monash and other universities in australia
  13. this might be of help: http://occ.ibo.org/ibis/documents/dp/gr4/biology/d_4_biolo_gui_0903_1_e.pdf
  14. Environmental Systems and societies but if not bio is generally considered to be the easiest
  15. Before you make a choice I would suggest that you look at both French SL and HL past exams and that way you will really be able to see what you feel comfortable doing
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