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  1. Yeah, TOK has gotten pretty insane. I did a lot of work, and was predicted an A for my TOK essay and I ended up getting a B in that as well as the EE, missing the A cut off by just a mark. I really don't know what they look for in TOK essays.
  2. Congratulations! It's great to see hard work pay off eh? If you are going for revaluation, good luck! Those grades are amazing. A question to the experts, does 1 mark make a difference in such cases? For example, 44 instead of 45. 44 is more than enough for anywhere, but C'mon, a 45 is something different altogether.
  3. Hey, so I wanted to see how everyone feels about their results. I got a 40, but I can't stop thinking about how i missed a 7 and A in biology and the EE by just 1 mark. Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy. How did everyone else do?
  4. Just relax, really. Don't get so stressed about making mistakes in the beginning. We all do. Just try your best to make sure you don't repeat them. As IBidiot already said, succeeding in the IB is all about adhering strictly to deadlines, because the one one thing you don't want is everything piling up on you at the same time. And of course, this should go without saying, but you're going to have to work hard. No way to avoid that, haha. Don't stress too much about the past and I'm sure you'll do well.
  5. I believe the two factors are the greenhouse gas' relative abundance, and its greenhouse factor. Options D and E, TZ2, were fantastic. Really got my head off that P1 debacle.
  6. I'm TZ2 and I think P1 was a bit tough. There were some really tricky questions. P2 went quite well. Questions 7 and 10 in Section B were fairly straightforward. Everyone I know did question 7.
  7. Hey, I was going through some recent mark schemes and wondered why they often allocate a whole mark for circling certain points when we have to draw a graph. I'm not sure how this works. What features are you supposed to circle? Maxima? Minima? X/Y intercepts? Thanks in advance!
  8. I must say that this is extremely helpful. Thank you so very much for posting this for us all.
  9. I do not believe they count. My written assignment was exactly 350 words excluding the title.
  10. Hey, I wanted some thoughts on the notion that science or scientific research has decreased the meaning and purpose in our personal lives? I thought about the atomic bomb, but I'm not exactly too sure as to how that would decrease meaning and purpose. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. The easiest way to relate them is to say that our purpose is to be as moral as possible. Well, that's my purpose anyway, and possibly everybody else' purpose. We all want to make the world a better place. We all want everyone to be happy. We all want to solve hunger; we all want to help the poor, etc.... Why? because doing these makes a person moral and happy. Also, there's one huge difference between religion & non-religion regarding your question about meaning & purpose. Religious people think that it's God (or some higher being) who gives us meaning & purpose. In other words,
  12. I think your question is alright. It obviously deals with morality as a human knowledge, and you also focus on religion (and probably other disciplines) for your AOKs. However, my TOK teacher used to tell me that it’s better to phrase the question as an open-ended one, rather than simply a yes-no question. So if it’s possible, you might want to somehow rephrase the question as a “howâ€, or “what†question. But otherwise, I really like your question. Now, I don’t want to interfere with your personal opinions about this matter. However, I strongly suggest you to analyse the question
  13. I love the question! Absolutely - think of for example doing good deeds: it doesn't take a christian to give a few dollars to a poor child. An atheist would do it swell, it is only a question of the individual developing these morals himself through life. From this we can conclude that morals do not necessarily have to be shaped by religion. Hope this helped ! :-) Thank you very much!
  14. Hey, everyone. For my essay, my second knowledge question is: "Can we have morals to give us meaning and purpose without religion?" I've already come up with substantial thoughts saying that it is not possible, however, I noticed that I am lacking on arguments saying that it is possible to have morals to give us meaning and purpose without religion. I would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions about this. Thanks.
  15. Hey, so I'm pretty much done with my EE, just brushing it up a bit, but I wanted to ask whether it is possible or even advisable to put a glossary in an appendix defining the biological terms I have used in my essay, and there are quite a few. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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