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  1. It sounds really cool (: as long as you fit in the criteria given, it would be fine you just have to collect enough data on the weapons of these superheroes heres the criteria
  2. http://www.studymode.com/essays/Analysis-Of-Mid-Term-Break-By-Seamus-621907.html http://www.sheerpoetry.co.uk/gcse/seamus-heaney/notes-on-selected-poems/mid-term-break http://fawbie.com/tag/mid-term-break/ http://www.skoool.ie/content/skoool_learning/junior/lessons/english/poetry/mid_tb/interface.html
  3. Hey, Could I do an exploration in Benfords Law? I dont know which SL units I could link my exploration to Help please? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys!! I really really need the past papers for just international economics for HL I've tried searching, but couldnt find anything Let me know if you have anything Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I want to do my TOK presentation on either 1) the bystander effect 2) self fulfilling prophecies 3) group pressure and conformity I need ideas on what i could link these to, so that i could determine my knowledge issue thanks!
  6. Yeah I wasnt counting on getting my essay written by someone else anyway Thanks for the tips! Since Miss Julie is a character made as realistically as possible (through the authors use of naturalism, and his portrayal of julie as a psychological puzzle), why should i not treat her character as "personality with psychological explanations"? It would be pretty hard to exclude that..
  7. Hi! So i have this exam coming up, based on which my predicted scores would be determined And in math, about 50% of the paper will be based on calculus Im not really good with calculus and id really appreciate help If you could suggest any good youtube videos, online tutorials, helpful worksheets, a question bank, anything Thank you so so much
  8. SO heres my topic: Strindbergs portrayal of misguidance and deception through Jean and Julie's relationship in "Miss Julie". I want to know how to tackle this topic What to avoid, what to include etc And other tips Thank you (I'm in English HL)
  9. Considering that you can only apply to 5 universities under UCAS, youve really got to think several times before applying to either oxford or cambridge even some of my seniors who got like 43/45 didnt get in! Its extremely competitive However, there is no harm applying if youre applying into at least 3 other "safe" universities, meaning those youre almost 100% youll get into good luck
  10. Awesome thank you! I'm almost done with my micro one, good luck with yours!
  11. yeah im doing my micro commentary today actually heres my article, http://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2013/08/economist-explains-1 and my macro one is either this http://www.aei.org/article/economics/raising-minimum-wage-is-sure-bet-to-create-more-jobless-young-americans/ or this http://news.yahoo.com/seasonal-jobs-ease-spain-unemployment-april-073543447.html Thanks for your help so far any comments on these?
  12. Is this any better? http://news.yahoo.com/seasonal-jobs-ease-spain-unemployment-april-073543447.html
  13. But, what would my aim/focus be?
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