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  1. It doesn't matter which size because each page is counted as one screen. You can use ppt but I used Microsoft Publisher and it's super convenient so you can check it out
  2. I'm not sure about writings but for artwork I think it is okay to publish them on your own media page. I posted my artwork on Instagram and still graduated so I guess that's fine haha
  3. I was speaking about those universities as wholes but what you said is very true Also, if someone is looking forward to studying design then PolyU is the best choice I guess
  4. I got three offers from HongKong - 2 from HKU and 1 from PolyU They are all conditional offers For HKU - My Arts offer was IB 33 points and for Social Sciences my offer was 36 points For PolyU - My Business Management offer was IB 36 with 2 level 5s in my HL and scholarship of HKD 60,000 I'm going to University of Amsterdam tho (odd I know haha), but I think HKU is the better choice in your case simply not only about the school but also about life and uni experience after all Best of luck with your decisions
  5. I saw other language discussions so I guess it's about time How did you guys do on your exam? I am HL and I chose the poem so I'm pretty sure I'm dead cause i didn't even fully understand what it was saying I think the texts this year are just super unfair for anyone who would opt for poems so yeah :\ for both HL and SL tho
  6. Urgh, I chose the first pair but it was so long, I hate it when I have to flip between pages to write my analysis I think it's kind of unfair too, the second text is like two genres in one text, so there are so many more things needed to be mentioned for format :\ I did okay but I feel like the papers this year are so much more challenging compared to the previous one. The November 2015 paper 1 was already quite long and difficult, but this one is just worse :<
  7. It is not a mandatory thing to have quotes But personally, I think quotes are more time efficient compared to paraphrase. It also appeared like you have studied the texts quite better and more invested. At least it seems like that to me
  8. I'm thinking about 'How does media affect football' (English B - Media), do you think it will work? Maybe you can narrow it down to: "To what extent media play a role in shaping public identity of football player XYZ?" I'm not very sure about English B but from what I know English B EE is kind of about the role of English language in our daily life ? Correct me if i'm wrong and hope this helps
  9. I think one possible question if you want to link it to reason would be: "Can emotions be justified accurately through reason?" in which maybe you can use scientific researchs about human anatomy as well as intuition about human reactions to certain circumstances
  10. Lucy Lin

    HKU offer

    Hey, is there anyone here got accepted by HKU through Fast Track admission? I got a conditional offer and already paid the deposit but I'm not sure whether I can apply to any other university for insurance. And also is the deposit refundable if I failed my offer? If you know, please help me and thank you in advance
  11. Hey guys, I just want to ask about whether University of Amsterdam is better or Erasmus University Rotterdam is better ? Are they competitive? I want to apply for Humanities courses, specifically media studies. Please help!
  12. My teacher doesn't know much about CS either so my whole class is going crazy HAHA *laughing in pain* I saw a some examples online so I guess I will just follow the format. Which artists are you guys going to compare? I'm doing some religious art - The Virgin Mary and Child by 3 different artists and art styles.
  13. Heyy I'm also in Art HL. My teacher is a pretty easy man, I mean we didn't come up with the topic in the very first days, all we did was drawing, sketching, coloring and crafting because he said if you set yourself a topic, it will limit you. I finished 5 studio works before putting them together as a theme - Human Nature. So yeah Just explore around with yourself and have fun, art is not a really stressful subject, everyone in my year goes there to relax HAHA Goodluck and enjoy your first year!
  14. Hey guys Is anyone studying at Hongkong right now and can give me some advices/info about living and studying in Hongkong? I did some research and found out that HKU is offering Cognitive Science and Global Creative Industries as majors and I also want to take a minor course related to graphic designing. Are these courses competitive? How many IB scores do I need to get accepted by this year ? ( I am sitting my exam in May 2016) I'm also interested in CUHK Really looking for your help!
  15. haha cool, we have covered a lot actually haha. thanks for an answer.no problemm i hope you will do well on your mocks
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