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  1. If Arg(z) = 0 , show that z is real and positive.
  2. How does the species of the plant affect the Stomata distribution on the upper and lower surface of the leaf? What could be a possible hypothesis for this?? :s i am blank pleasee help!
  3. Guyyss can you please help me . I have no clue about g4 project though i have an excellent group with diligent workers but i don't know what is the criteria and what all do we need to do . what is group 4 basically?
  4. any good sites for a jist of analysis for the poem Mid-term break by Seamus Heaney
  5. there is no french hl in here haha and yeah i am going to stick to ab initio well thank you.. but i am going to stick to ab-initio thank you for your time
  6. i think you should continue good stuff !
  7. Maths Hl worksheets please? :/ for simultaneous , log and quadratic equations x_x help needed x_x
  8. wow :/ i dont speak fluent so would it still be recommended?
  9. thnks figured that out LOL
  10. true... but its about the difficulty level too.. people who took it in my school dont really have a good view about it... soo yeah
  11. well i did go through the past papers what boards? go through the SL french papers, if you think the level of difficulty is too high then stick to ab initio, but if you're good at writing and have a good vocab and stuff like that, you can move up to SL.. in my school, whoever took french in the IGCSEs cannot do ab initio french.. just look into that as well, alright ooh thank you but board as in grade 10 matriculation exam ! did they find it hard?
  12. Is it a good idea for me to take AB-initio french for ib? i didnot opt for igcse french but i got a 90 in boards for french so is it a good idea?
  13. how do i ask a question on ib survival sorry to be asking this dumb ques
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