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  1. OK, good luck with your future studies, whichever subject you choose to study . The cost is very high but it may well be worth it (one of the benefits of studying in Scandinavia is that it is free ) Quality over quantity. I could still apply for medicine in Denmark for the fun of it, but I doubt that I would care. Thank you everyone for all your help and encouragements!
  2. Yes I did. I think I will go for Warwick now and study hard like everyone have to. The tuition is going to cost me £36000 (it's free in Sweden), but I guess that if I aim to get as good grade as possible, I will most likely be able to get my first class or upper second. A good grade from Warwick will most likely still benefit me. lower upper class + 1 year working experience = good grades anyways.
  3. Are you 100% that I can get in? I have a top grade in "Svenska som andraspråk B" 9,5*1,08 = 10.26 ...
  4. Thank you for the link! Based on how they translate IB into danish grades, 39 would be needed. Or do we get IB credits? Everything feels so hopeless .
  5. Politics will always be in my heart. (joke) Perhaps this is the right course for me: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/courses/h1n1#course-tab-2 It will allow be to continue doing a postgraduate degree at WBS later on.
  6. Thank you for your reply! I am interested in the economics part of engineering. In Sweden we have a special programme which will give me this mixture future. However, I need 39... Should I retake TOK? My EE should have been an A ... At Warwick, I can chose to study "Engineering with Business Studies (BSc)" which is not accredited. See link: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/courses/h1n1#course-tab-3 Perhaps that course will open many other doors for me?
  7. Thank you for all your replies! Does anyone know if I really can study Medicine in Denmark? It is true that they don't require Biology, but is my 38 points good enough? Whereelse can I study medicine with my grades? Poland requires Biology...UK is veeery hard.
  8. Dear students, I just graduated with the following grades HL: Math - 6 Physics - 6 Chemistry - 7 SL: Economics - 6 Swedish B - 7 English A Lang/lit - 5 TOK/EE: 1 38 points I have been admitted to study engineering at Warwick, but I do not believe that engineering is my future; so much hard work with little reward. I do believe that studying my undergraduate degree in UK instead of Sweden will always be an advantage from an international point of view. With my grades and subjects, what can I study? I am looking for jobs which have a future. Engineers are undervalued. Business and Economics
  9. Banned for knowing less than the founder of Obama-care.
  10. Physics HL was my best subject where I got 7's all the time. Got depressed during finals and it felt like I had f*cked up completely (not only in physics) Ended up with a 6 afterall and 38 in total (no bonus).
  11. No, it means that they can still be changed by remark. They just aren't certified yet don't worry, your grade won't change unless you remark it. No, it means that they can still be changed by remark. They just aren't certified yet don't worry, your grade won't change unless you remark it. Great thanks! I called IBO and they didn't answer; they gave this classical "Talk to your DP coordinator." Whatever, I'm glad that IB is over and I will forever hate the IB organisation.
  12. What the heck does this mean? Does it mean that my grades are not final?
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