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  1. Hey there. I am in Bahrain too Exploration is like really simple. I have a soft copy of the guide and stuff if you want it PM me. You are basically supposed to choose a real life topic like mine is The tower of Hanoi and write about it with relation to how Maths affects it. Like mine has the number of layers and puzzlish sort of thing. It's a bit like the EE but Maths dominated and lesser words.
  2. I couldn't agree more with you more, admin. Actually my dad loves gardening and he is more than willing to take care of the plants. So if everything goes right, I'll have amazing results ready. Thanks for you support, really
  3. Thanks Katja. And yea I kinda selected the second one, it's much more interesting. I have a feeling I'd mess everything up if I choose the first question. Thanks for your help
  4. Hey, you could do something like, ' Would there be any difference by changing the temperature from - to - on the growth of bacterial colonies (or size of obtained plasmids)?'. And in my opinion, you would not do very well if you stay with a single research question. You could choose 4 - 5 and label them in parts form. Through this you could explain everything systematically and also it is likely to fetch you more marks over the design.
  5. Hey, do you think 'The Growth of Barley in Different Soil Types During the first Month' could be appropriate enough for an EE?
  6. LOL, I drop out the hospital topics, got it, thanks! Alright I have been searching a lot and I came up with something like this, 'The effect of caffeine on blood pressure (or something else)'. How'd you say that would be? Easy much or just fine?
  7. I think you probably are right. But I am looking for an EE where I can collect data from hospitals about a disease or something like that and then explain it. Do you think something like that would fetch me good enough grades or shall I give away the topics related to collecting from hospitals? And if so could you suggest me a few good topics I can do for the EE? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for replying guys. Oh well it's all Biology I'm doing not EE. And we're having our summer vacation at the moment. So I'm planning to do it over the vacation without help of the lab. Regarding the data, I volunteer at a cancer society here which is very much willing to give me all the data for the breast cancer including the stats and stuff like I mentioned above. But do you think it is a bad idea? Because I think if I do arrange all the information together, I can come up with a great report. And all I need to get started though is that suitable research question which I am still tryin
  9. Hey guys, Thanks for entering this topic. I have to do an extended essay in Biology which is more of a huge lab report. I chose the topic of breast cancer. For this topic, I have the statistical representation, answers to 'wh' questions and stuff for my homeland. But I am still undecided about my research question. You guys have at some point made really good lab reports in IB, so I thought I'd ask in general. Please do participate and come up with possibly suitable research questions. I'd appreciate it a lot, really. Thanks
  10. Hi Mahuta, I am doing an extended essay in Biology. I chose the topic of breast cancer. I have the statistical representation and stuff of my homeland but I don't know what my research question should be. The teacher says it has to be very specific and stuff. Mind helping me? Thanks
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