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  1. Hey everyone, I am writing up my biology extended essay based on investigating the effects of changing heat shocking temperatures on the transformation efficiency of E. coli. I have already started writing up my EE (background information, variables, hypotheses, etc.), gotten to a decent number of words, but I haven't come around to actually start doing the experiment and collect data... To put it simply, I am kinda lost as to how many trials I need to have, and also the amount of cells (ul) I would need in total (my supervisor said a transformation uses around 25-50ul cells). My temperatures
  2. Hi everyone, for my Biology EE I was thinking of doing an experiment where I test out different temperatures on the heat shock during bacterial transformation. I've decided to test the effect of temperature because the protocol I'm using has very specific temperatures and times when merging the bacteria (E.coli) and plasmid containing the antibacterial resistant gene, so therefore I was curious as to what will happen if I were to change the temperature slightly. Do you guys have any suggestions? What do you think of this as a Biology EE lab?
  3. Hi lads, I need your help as soon as possible! I have my EE draft (school deadline) due on the 30th of August, and I'm unsure of whether my experiment will be good enough. What I was thinking of doing is to perform a bacterial transformation, and when I've done so, I would incubate them at different temperatures. Therefore, my independent variable in this situation will be temperature. I'm still doing research on the optimal temperatures for incubating bacteria to prevent it from dying. But in a nutshell, after incubating the bacteria (after transformation) at different temperatures, I would t
  4. Hi guys, I have an Internal Assessment which is a commentary, based on microeconomics only, and it's due in 2 weeks! I was wondering whether any of you have good news articles that is related to what I'm doing (microeconomics), and a news article that I can easily do a commentary on (something that I can write a lot about)? Anyways, just hoping to get some suggestions! Thanks in advance! (:
  5. Thanks brah! You definitely helped by giving me a head start to finding my research question! Also, you did give me very interesting things to think about... One question I have though, is when do I alter the temperature? At which stage? When growing the bacterial colonies?
  6. Hi guys, I'm doing a Biology Extended Essay based on plasmid extraction from growing bacterial colonies, and then running the plasmids through gel electrophoresis. I might also do a plasmid digestion. However, I'm still unsure of what my research question shall be based on... I need your help!! I need to find something that I can test on, like maybe investigate and experiment on one of the factors that will affect the plasmid digestion, or its size, or something along the lines of that.. Please help me out with my research question... Once I have a couple of decent research questions, I can th
  7. One last thing though. (thanks a lot for all the advice btw, it helped me a ton!) Below you can see the basic outline of what my contents page looks like. I just wanted to ask you guys whether each point I will talk about in my extended essay seems relevant. Table of Contents IntroductionWhat is a plasmid?Types of plasmidsThe importance of plasmidsWhere are plasmids found?ApplicationsResearch questionsMethod/procedureResults (data collection)Analysis of dataEvaluationConclusionBibliography
  8. Oh btw guys, the procedure I followed was from tiangen.com, following the TIANprep Mini Plasmid Kit and I just wanted to ask you guys if it is alright to paraphrase the procedure? The procedure is pretty complicated with various steps, and to be honest I'm really lazy and I don't really want to rewrite the entire method, so if you could give me some suggestions/templates on how I should write out the method, that'll be awesome. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks a ton guys You gave me many things to think about.. I'm not really sure if temperature would affect the plasmid size. I was just putting it out there, but I will definitely look into it. I'm pretty sure when we grew the bacterial colonies, we transferred the glowing gene to them and after they have grown, we were able to see the bacteria express the glowing gene (GFP - Glowing Fluorescent Protein) under ultraviolet light. It was pretty cool Anyways, just wanted to thank you all for your suggestions, comments and advice! Peace!
  10. I'm thinking of doing an extended essay based on plasmids, but am unsure what my research question should be.. I know this is a bit broad and vague, but I'm seeking for help because I'm a bit lost.. I've already talked to my supervisor about this, and we even did a trial experiment where we grew bacterial colonies, extracted the plasmids and processed them through gel electrophoresis. We also performed a plasmid single and double digestion using EcoRI and XbaI. I was thinking of doing an experiment where I change a certain variable, for example temperature, and see how it would affect the size
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