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  1. I think it's a bit big, you should narrow it, but it is a good IA question My teacher recommended me to look at least 15 sources in order to determine if it is a good topic. He also suggested me if I consider that a chapter of a book can be written for this question I should narrow it, so you need to investigate to determine if it's to big or it is ok
  2. you should check college search on collegeboard.com (https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/college-search) It's a great tool to see your university matches including scores, majors, clubs, location etc. Consider that the deadline of most of them is January 1st so you should start working on your common app in order to complete everything including your recommendation letters
  3. Personally I would chose the first one, specially because the second one it's a bit obvious. I suggest you to look for different perspectives about the D-Day in order to prove that you can make a good Analysis in Part C. A friend of mine did his EE on this same topic so maybe it is to broad for an IA
  4. Try the collegeboard "college search test" (https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/college-search). It helped me a lot to find the best college for me; you can put your SAT scores, financial aid, GPA, extracurricular activities etc; also there is an option to select the location, size, and other factors. One of my friends is applying to UBC in Canada and she told me that the SAT scores are not needed in Canada's Universities But definitely you can find a good school with that SAT scores
  5. my tok teacher recommended me to give tons of examples in different areas of knowledge. In the Science field there are great examples such as the evolution of the atomic model or the perception of the Earth as a flat planet. This chart http://www.jkwchui.com/WP/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Knowledge-Issues-Matrix-IBO-Doc.pdf aided me to understand more about knowledge issues My teacher, also suggested me to apply different knowledge issues on real life situations (similar to the ToK presentation). Another recommendation was to write as many times as possible the topic of my essay, obviously chan
  6. I think that you need to focus only in one event. I'm making my EE about the role of the UN in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and my advisor said it was to broad, so I narrow it to only the creation of the State of Israel. So choosing that topic for an IA would be huge. If you are interested on this conflict, you might like the function of UNRWA and the palestinians refugees. Also there are some books that explain the role of the blue helmets every year, so they can be a base to start the IA Good luck!
  7. I am writing my EE on politics "The Role of the UN in the arab israeli conflict", you can choose a topic related to international law, or something related to politics where you can analyze certain laws and their effectiveness
  8. I really liked the course, somethings are very useful i applied a lot of them on creating a new small business. Basically it is a great choice I am taking the subject in a SL, but if my school would offer HL I'll definitely would take it
  9. I am in the same situation as you guys! My supervisor has no clue about it, he gave us a sample of a project but it was not even correct, the content was not structured. I agree with Mishi the exploration is very similar to a portfolio
  10. Anybody can recommend me online sources for my IA? I haven't decided my topic, so I would like to read about different corporations or business first. I think I will analyze something related to marketing or human resources
  11. The Giver by Lois Lowry Animal Farm by George Orwell Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Read Anthem by Ayn Rand
  12. I'm writing my EE about how the UN has not been a neutral international organization for the Israel-Palestine conflict, I will only focus on the 181, 242 and 446 resolutions. Do you think is to big for 4000 words? Or it is better to choose only one or two UN resolutions?
  13. It is a good topic, I recommend you to limit it to a certain period. Maybe a controversial one, where the UN had a lot of activity.
  14. Some friends of my school chose that topic, as Emy said it is to common. I recommend you to analyze only one of the two. For example the role that room 101 has as a method of control. Also if you want to analyze Dystopia society, you can choose "The Year of the Flood" by Margaret Atwood, it is a recent novel written on 2007. It's sci fi but also presents a dystopic society.
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