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  1. Hey Guys, Honestly, this frustrates me a lot. As at present, I've begun to think about my extended essay in my freshman year, and I just focused on chemistry becuase I'll probably go for medicine or chem in uni and that I know I've got great passion on it. So, I talked with my teacher a couple of times, and today we just found out there was a lovely apparatus in the lab to measure what I want, which is just great, but then we together came up with the conclusion that it is more of math then chem, and the teacher said that it would make my math EE even more outstanding with experimental data fr
  2. Hey guys, I was doing a past paper question when I came across this question, So it is what is needed for active transport of glucose into a cell? Energy Glucose concentration outside the cell A. needed Higher concentration than inside B. needed Any concentration C. not needed Higher concentration than inside D. not needed Any concentration I know that energy is needed in active transport, but when it came to the concentration outside the cell, I was confused. To my understanding, if glucose is being transported into the cell, and si
  3. Hey guys, How did your chem class celebrate the mole day yesterday?
  4. We're learning mole at school right now. What my teacher told us and I found really helpful is CANCEL UNIT. It means when you do the calculation, you do not simply calculate the numbers, you also calculate the unit. For example: the unit of speed is m/s, and the unit of time is s, speed multiplies time equals distance. Why? It's beacuse when you multiply the two unit(m/s*s=s), the s is cancelled, and it becomes the unit of distance. Same in mole, the unit of mass is g, then when it's divided by g/mol(that's the molar mass), it becomes the unit of the number of mole. In this way, you won't be s
  5. I would say keep asking questions. More communications with your teachers will certainly make your life a lot easier. At least it works for me.
  6. Hi there, I'm a new IB student and I guess I'm not clear enough about my schedule. I was just wondering whether there are PE classes/activities for IB students( if they didn't select PE ) so that I can get my sport bag prepared in advance . Thanks a lot!
  7. I'm with Award Winning Boss. Just go for the it, do not stop beliving yourself and try your best. Good luck!
  8. Hi Arnold, I just looked around a bit on the Internet. Based on what I discovered, it really is an excellent Uni in Canada (Top1 or 2), plus Tronto is a famous livable cityin the world. I really consider it as a good choice for you. Have you got any career plans?
  9. Franconian International School, Germany
  10. Hey guys, I was just wondering what's the difference between the word zahlen and bezahlen, I understand that they both mean ' pay for sth. ' in English, but what's the exact difference on the grammatical side? And can you possibly explain them by giving me examples? Thanks in advance.
  11. Haha, actually I'm not a Math patriot. But anyway, thanks a lot for the advice!
  12. Thanks for the advice! And, there're another two questions I'd like to ask---①I am now kinda worried about the vocabulary, cause I didn't attend any Pre-IB programme before, I just finished my high school course for the first 2 years in China(then will directly start my IB courses), though it overlaps a lot with IB, it was taught in Chinese actually. Would you recommend me some methods, or websites? ②Also, pronunciations of these terms are different according to British or American accent(Teachers in my schools are from USA and UK),will it be a problem for me when having classes? Thanks a l
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