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  1. For a device i am using for a chem lab... the uncertainty of a temperature probe at 0 C is plus minus 0.2 and the uncertainty at 100 C is plus minus 0.5 C. So if the temperatures in my lab are between 0 C and 100 C, what do I do?
  2. Hello everyone, For sl bio, I'm deciding what options to choose for the exam. I am thinking nutrition and neurobiology. What do you guys think? What are the easiest and hardest options?
  3. Hello Everyone, For my Bio IA, I am manipulating the temperature humans are exposed to and seeing what effect this has on their _____. Does anyone have suggestions on how to create an isolated environment where temperature can be adjusted with humans inside of it? Thanks!!!
  4. Thank you! But I was also wondering at to what services I would be looking into. One obvious one is healthcare, but what else do you think there is to cover?
  5. Hello everyone, My Geo IA topic is : To what extent do the elderly facilities in X support its aging population? I am stumped on how to start and where to actually look for both my secondary and primary data. Can anyone please give me ideas and guide me in the right direction? -Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, For my BIO IA I am manipulating temperature. To do this, I require an incubator. However, most of the incubators online are very expensive. I also need an incubator with a clear window so I can shine light through (I need it for the plants I am keeping in there). Here is the one I found http://www.shellab.com/store/GI6-SHEL-LAB-Digital-Laboratory-Incubator-5.7-Cu.Ft.-120V-also-model-1546.html It seems perfect, but costs $3000. I am only creating the design portion of this lab but I am worried IB will mark me down for the price of the incubator. Any guidance? Thank you
  7. Thank you! However, I'm looking for a specific lamp to put on my materials list. I am having trouble finding one. If you have any resources that could help me, please post it below. Thanks
  8. Hello guys, I was working on my Bio IA, and need to establish the amount of sunlight each plant in the experiment gets as a controlled variable. I need to use some sort of lamp that mimics sunlight, but am not sure what to look for. Any ideas? Thank you !!!
  9. Hello guys, The topic for my IA is: Investigate an abiotic factor that effects either rate of seed germination or rate of plant growth. I thought of several topics, but a new one I thought of is how the wavelength of light affects the rate of plant growth. How would I alter the rate of plant growth? Would I just use a filter? Thank you.
  10. Hello guys, The topic for my IA is: Investigate an abiotic factor that effects either rate of seed germination or rate of plant growth. I am seeing how temperature affects the rate of plant growth. To do this I am using an incubator. However, how am I supposed to maintain the amount of light that each plant gets and make sure this experiment can be re-done easily. Any ideas? Thank you!
  11. Thanks!!!! I have some ideas on how to test it? The trouble I'm having is to find credible sources for info. Any ideas?
  12. Hello guys, The topic for my bio ia is: Investigate an abiotic factor that effects either rate of seed germination or rate of plant growth. My question is something like this: How does the increased salinity of water that one uses to water a plant affect the rate of plant growth? Does it make sense? What do u guys think. Thank you!!!
  13. Hello Everyone! For my Bio iA, I calculated standard deviation and am not sure if it needs uncertainties. Do they? If so, how would they be obtained? Also I am doing 2 significant digits, so would something like 2mL of hydrogen peroxide measured, actually be 2.0mL measured? THANKS
  14. Hello everyone, I am writing my first bio IA and was wondering if you could help me out. The topic is to investigate a factor that affects transport across a cell membrane. My research questions studies the relationship between the temperature of a salt water solution and the rate of osmosis in a potato. I am having trouble thinking of what the concentration of the salt water solution should be and what type of potato should be used as I need a rationale for both. Please give me some guidance. Thank you.
  15. Hello, I will be taking HL English Literature in the fall and am wondering what I can do to prepare for it. Does anyone have any good books to suggest to me that will prepare me for the reading in IB. Thank you!
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