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  1. You could think of going into marketing? I know that most universities would still accept students who do math studies if it's for marketing (this is for UK btw e.g. Durham). You could also check out some Canadian universities + Australian universities as their usually slightly more lenient with their requirements compared to UK.
  2. UWC :DD Something good to have (although it's not necessary) is voluntary experience/commitment to a local service. It's also a major plus if you're from a 'rare' country. UWC puts a lot of emphasis on helping the community as well as cultural diversity etc. Aside from that, I agree with dniviE. Just be yourself!
  3. Sorry for the late reply! I was looking through past stuff I posted and I just noticed your reply. My HLs: Chemistry Biology Economics My SLs: English Language and Literature Ab Initio Mandarin Mathematics That's great that you can get a good grade from last minute cramming haha. I tend to always do that, but it's something that I'm trying to stop doing. You realise near the end of the course that you can't just cram 2 years worth of content in one night
  4. Wow I went through the same dilemma. I knew if I continued SL Japanese A I wouldn't be able to get the grade I desired and so I switched to Ab Initio Mandarin (my school only offers Japanese A literature and nothing else for Japanese). Definitely one of the best decisions I made! I agree with the others above me. A bilingual diploma really doesn't give much advantages. You could easily prove to others that you're bilingual through talking to them, not from some certificate! You say that you're planning to apply to Japan and you'd like to become either a vet/psychiatrist. Then I guess you woul
  5. Hi Mahuta, I was wondering if you have any tips for answering the data analysis questions? I always have problems with those and that's where I lose all my marks Thanks
  6. WHAT?! That is crazy Oral exams are something I absolutely despise and just thinking about having to do one for maths? Just nonono. I probably would've immediately failed that haha. I don't study in North America, but I study at an international school in Singapore and well this is my first time hearing of an oral exam for maths. I guess that's the type of teaching that people in Denmark believe is the best? Which I think makes sense because if you can explain it verbally without a problem that shows others that you have a great understanding of the subject.
  7. How would you have playing league as an activity for CAS hahaha. Determination and perseverance in doing better as you play more?
  8. Ayumi

    Canada or UK?

    I've read online that if you go to study at UWO, you should go there with your eyes closed lolol. Apparently there's not much to do there but it's one of the best university for commerce in Canada. I think I've made up my mind now though. Thanks for the reply
  9. omg this question >_< I attempted to do this question in the beginning but.. It didn't turn out very well and someone even told me that "it seems like you don't understand what ethical judgements are" after reading my essay Also, my TOK teacher told my class the worst essays he read were from the people who did that question. So I decided to redo my TOK essay answering a different question lol To answer your question, I think you need to provide different perspectives to the points that you make. Make sure that you have arguments + counter arguments. But yeah, that's all I can say haha
  10. Ayumi

    Canada or UK?

    I'm okay with all sorts of cuisines (as long as it's not spicy! lol) and I think someone told me that the food at Queen's is really good. I'm not really looking to be a part of an Asian culture as I've been brought up in a relatively international environment. It's just that I would miss Asian food (particularly Chinese food!!) a lot. Thanks for the reply btw
  11. Ayumi

    Canada or UK?

    I'd definitely like to know more! Since if I were to study in UK I would probably either choose Bath or Warwick
  12. I'm in a similar situation as you! Honestly, I think it's a matter of disciplining yourself and making sure that you think of the long-term consequences of your current actions? But sadly, it's easier said then done. I too find myself reading mangas, playing games, watching movies etc. I don't think there's a simple solution and it all comes down to you and the decisions that you decide to make, I guess.
  13. Ayumi

    Canada or UK?

    Thanks for the replies guys! Tbh, I can't say for sure as everything I know about UK and Canada are from what people have told me or what I have found online. Hmm your last two questions are quite hard to answer. I just.. I guess the expectation I had for Europe didn't match what I actually experienced. All I could think was that I wanted to go back home already As for the talk about Canada, everything really. Since I just asked him questions about everything I could think of. The community, campus life etc that he told me about were the main things that appealed to me. I really do hope I
  14. Ayumi

    Canada or UK?

    Hi guys, I've been having an internal debate with myself about whether I should study at a university in Canada or UK. I've received offers from my top 3 choices in UK and I haven't finished applying to all the universities in Canada yet. I'm hoping to study either management in UK or commerce in Canada. I just can't make my mind up on which country I'd like to study at! Even my friends' opinions are divided The universities in Canada I plan to apply to: - Queen's University - UWO - UBC The universities in UK I have applied to: - Warwick - Bath - Loughborough - KCL - UCL Location, school exp
  15. I almost 100% agree with everything you've said (especially the part about the EE)!! Except for the fact that it requires a lot of studying. I don't think it is necessary to study a lot for HL Chemistry, especially if you're able to nail the concepts etc. in class. However, it is important to dedicate some time into answering the assessed statements and doing past questions. That would definitely help you to secure you a 6 and possibly a 7 Yup, the IAs can be quite intimidating. Especially all those calculations for uncertainties!
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