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  1. I agree with this guy! I think you should go for the remark!
  2. I found this year maths HL exam quite difficult, is it just me or did everyone else find it difficult too?
  3. I think I left about 20 marks for paper 2, is it just me or did the others do as horrible! Any idea, how much we have to get for a 5?
  4. You will be just fine, don't worry. As long as the data is your own and the analysis is not copied word for word, there would be no problem. I had a conversation regarding this with my IB coordinator and my science teachers and all of them said this. Hope this helped!
  5. Is there anyone who has been rejected from a canadian university because they did not score enough points in the final IB exam? I know this question is a bit dodgy but I would b grateful to you guys if you could answer. I am just trying to develop a general idea of a things. Thank you!
  6. are your exams in 2015 or 2014?
  7. Did anyone else do the IB and not any other course get an offer from U of T? Please reply!
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