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  1. What you can do is do past papers or something that I did and helped with the topics in which I was not good was watching khan videos.
  2. My family is catholic and i've been baptized and did the first communion. Just this year i realized i did not believe in the catholic church because i believe the institution is very hypocrite. Concerning god, i'm not sure if i actually believe or not. Anyways i've never been really religious
  3. Mine what on Literature (in spanish) and was on Un Mundo para Julius, the RQ was how are social stereotypes represented through irony and humour in Un Mundo para Julius.
  4. For my IOP i did a role play comparing two ads as if i had created those ads and it went pretty well. I haven't really read that book so i don't actually understand your topic but perhaps you could do a kind of role play representing your topic
  5. The metamorphosis by kafka, i actually didn't read it because i thought it was really boring. Also, i despised Macbeth, by Shakespeare, i didn't understand anything of that book.
  6. Your IOP should be about some aspects of the works that you really understand. It doesn't seem like you know the theme of your IOP really well, so i suggest you chose an aspect of both novels that you can compare and that you enjoy. If you chose the characters of Meursault and Gatsby, you could talk about how both of them are shaped by the society they live in and how in some way they are alienated by society. You could also include how the title of the works reflects the characteristics of these two characters. Perhaps you could mention Marie and Daisy, and how the role of women differs in th
  7. Well basically you have to write about what you did and why you did it. Also, you have to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding on the work you're writing about, thus try to include as many details from the work as you can. Also show that you know perfectly what you are doing and explain the characteristics of the text type and how they fit the work you're writing about. A last tip, always keep in mind the word limit and try not to waffle too much, the number of words is really limited and you will feel like you need more words. If you don't, start worrying!
  8. aliii, estooo es raroo jajaja peroo debsite empezar a estudiaar antes y enverdaad sii es dificil, no entiendo porque todo el mundo que es facil! Pero estudia tratamientoo, en todos los past papers hay por lo menos una pregunta de tratamiento.
  9. Does someone have essay samples on some human relationship's objectives
  10. I took human relationships and abnormal behaviour. I like human relationships, but i find abnormal behaviour kind of boring.
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