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  1. I agree with IBfreakingout! Question 3 is definitely an interesting question to pursue. Depending on how you go about it, you can either agree with the 'no reason' or you can disagree with it. But either way, you'd be researching different AOKs to assess your evaluation. I also liked question 1, since we ourselves ask questions, and we never really stop to think whether they are neutral; since most questions are asked to evoke a response for one side or the other. The question gives you the opportunity to explore this across different AOKs. But in the end, its also what you're most comfortabl
  2. On the contrary, the first question can be explored in a lot of depth. But then again, most history textbooks would be covering that, and quite a few students who do their EE in history pursue questions such as those. Your second question seems quite interesting, and can be explored. But before you go ahead with that one, it'd be a good idea to see how much conclusive information you can gather; that way you'll have a fair idea about the content and direction of your EE.
  3. I am currently an International Student studying in the US. If you still require any help feel free to msg me as well
  4. I agree with Thrashmaster above ^ Your first idea seems interesting and you probably would have enough content to write an essay. However, first you would need to find two novels, they might have similar characters, or different characters that play different archetypes. Although you need to be careful that you don't end up analysing the plot; you can comment on the changes in plot BECAUSE of the change in characters/archetypes. Also, since literature is a reflection of real world, I would suggest looking into the author's purpose of writing the novels that you would be choosing to analyze, an
  5. I think you're in the right direction for your EE topic, however you might want to specify the kind of role Italy did play; such as economic or political or social, in your actual essay. Since you do have 4,000 words you would be able/required to evaluate the different areas in which Italy did play a role (economic, political, social, etc) and then kind of be able to sum it up in the end in your conclusion stating how much of an impact Italy's role had, and whether it in fact did have a role or not. Good luck!
  6. I would rather you focus on the first RQ as well, just because the second one (while phrased correctly) is too broad. When you say major nations, you would have to focus on which aspects constitute major nations; and you would be comparing it for two nations...which probably means you'd go well over the word limit. also for the first one, you'd also have to sort of explain the terms in which Canada developed (economically, militarily etc) good luck!
  7. Well one of my friends was rejected. I wont say the score they needed or what he got, but if there is too much of a difference between your predicteds and what you actually score, they will reject you. However if it's off by 1 or 2 points their offer still stands I think. This is just personal experience from what I've seen happen to my friends, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Well I mean there are quite a few topics you could do. Just look in the recent news and choose an article that interests you. And If i remember correctly, the way we structured our TOK presentation was first we gave a brief summary of the article or topic. Then we had to KIs (one main KI, and then another subtopic KI (branches off the main one)). Then we explained both sides of the KIs, using TOK terms and whatnot. Then we had to explain the AOKs and WOKs. And then the last slide or the end of your presentation should be a few words to bring your whole presentation together.
  9. Well with a month left, you would just be going over topics that you aren't sure about, or doing past papers; provided that you have all the other material down pretty well, and are well versed with what you shall be tested on. You could always check out other revision books if your school has them and go over notes/questions from there. good luck
  10. Well i mean when you say strains on computers, there has to be specific components that the computer programs are putting a strain on. Researching a variety of programs, although giving an abundance of information, would first of all go over 4,000 words, and you wouldn't be able to do full justice to each program. You could however, give a brief overview in the beginning of the types of programs that might cause the strain, and then narrow it down to 1-2 programs that are causing the most significant strain, and then research into why its causing the strain etc.
  11. You should probably decide which aspect you want to approach aggression ; cognitive, or social. Depending on that, it'd be easier to brainstorm. You could focus on aggression in the early childhood years. There's been studies done on that, and quite a few factors play a role such as other disorders etc. Just something you could look into... good luck
  12. It sounds too specific, and elaborate. You need to cut it down, and avoid using specific numbers in the Title - because you will be explaining this in the intro etc anyway. The first part of your question till the rate of alcoholic fermentation sounds OK, although you could probably word it differently. good luck
  13. Well depending on which cultures you are specifically comparing ( I doubt you'd compare ALL the cultures) you could probably peruse some of the cultural texts or excerpts that might give you an overall idea of how they are portrayed. You'd have to generalize for all goddesses in a culture however, because some cultures might have more than one goddess. But yeah...cultural texts should help the most I'd say.. good luck
  14. Well I mean workload shouldn't be the issue. Physics HL is just workload. Also in the long term it depends on your major as well? I mean how well do your HL's relates to that? Because while math is applicable to most majors, Physics and Biology are quite specific. But over all, given your interest in both, your choice selection seems ok. good luck
  15. It isn't that hard at all. I myself got a 5 in HL and missed a 6 by a very close margin. HL and SL are definitely on different levels, and HL requires effort and time; unless you are intuitively good at math. It all depends on how much time you want to devote to it for practice. And yes UK unis do look for HL Math depending on your major, so depending on what your major is, you might want to consider HL as the better option. good luck
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