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  1. Anyone else excited? Or are you guys dreading it?
  2. Meh I don't dislike him but he's not my favourite either. I find him pretty chill though Confession: I'm so happy I'm in school in France after seeing people complain about the TZ2 French B papers Next person will confess that they regret choosing one of their HLs because of the teacher they ended up with.
  3. Unless you're looking to do a Maths intensive course, if you have A in Extended then I doubt they'll even look twice at the Additional Mathematics C since they normally ask for at least a C in GCSE Maths. But as Slovakov said, the main thing they'll look at is your IB score so you shouldn't worry much about GCSEs.
  4. I think you should be fine. If I'm not mistaken, the GCSEs are mainly to show that you have the level of proficiency needed for your course in English, Maths and/or any other subject related to your degree. On the UCAS application you have to say which school you've been in during your secondary education, and which qualifications - if any - you attained at each school, so if they see you did MYP instead of GCSEs then they won't make a fuss about it. Also, the thing about entry requirements is that they're meant to apply to all prospective applicants so inevitably there are exceptions. For exa
  5. sigma^2 is just the standard deviation squared, I thought this was the best question out of Section B tbh I tried solving it as both a quadratic and algebraically but got nothing, hoping for some method marks
  6. Paper 2 TZ2 was rough, particularly questions 7 and, although I managed to do the first two parts, the 8 point part of question 10.. I'm almost sure the grade boundaries will be lower, the consensus among my classmates was that Paper 2 was much harder than some others we'd done in practice.
  7. My school offers both Psych and Business but since there was a clash in scheduling between them, we weren't allowed to do both so Business is definitely my number one subject in terms of that. Spanish ab initio would have been pretty chill too, Econ HL or Computer Science SL as well. They do actually offer Economics HL in my school, but only started offering it and Theatre for this year's IB1s
  8. I'm doing IB in a school on the outskirts of Paris, but we do it in English. There's French A: Lang&Lit and English A: Lit, but aside from Group 1 and Group 2 (English B HL, French B SL/HL/ab initio and Spanish B SL) all of our classes are in English. As far as I've heard and as far as I can see here, there's no IB school in France that teaches in French since they're all international schools.
  9. I kind of believed in it before when I was younger despite having religious family members, but after seeing the science and logic behind it as I grew up (especially in Bio HL- it's part of the core and I did option D which is Evolution) I firmly believe in it.
  10. I had two weeks vacation from April 17 to May 4 so I had a minimum of 2 weeks for my HLs (I had all of them in the first week) and around a month or so for SLs. Some classes finished earlier like Maths where we finished the syllabus around mid/late March and French B where from the oral individuel and tache écrite onwards we did nothing; but others don't have good teachers like Bio HL and ESS (same teacher but only me and one other student do both) and we finished the syllabus maybe a week before, or English A HL where our teacher wanted us to know four plays for Paper 2 so we started the fou
  11. I don't need music to study, but it helps me a lot. I focus much more on the work in front of me than if there's nothing because I'm pretty extrovert and normally am not particularly motivated to do what I have to do anyway so I end up easily distracted if I don't block other people out I have a wide taste in music but when it comes to studying, it has to be rap or deep house/EDM because then I get too distracted by either the song itself or by changing songs. When it's rap (lyrics or not) or house (vocals or not), it normally is an upbeat song which at least slightly pumps me up for the work
  12. I did Paper 1 TZ2 too. Like everyone else, it was fine at the start but then towards the end it started going downhill.. I messed up the f(0) question because I recognized that you needed to subtract one integral from the other but didn't know what function to use after that, so I'm hoping for 2/3 method marks there and I also messed up the expected value question too through the algebra I used, I forgot that 10/0.4 is 25 not 40 But overall I hope there are low grade boundaries so I can get a 5
  13. Which Time Zone did you do? My class actually found this year's psych HL questions to be unpredicted and not that easy (I'm TZ2 (or TZ0)) I did TZ0/TZ2 too. I found that for Paper 1 it was mainly things I knew pretty well, there could have been much worse questions (well the brain imaging one wasn't amazing but). Paper 2 Abnormal and especially Health wasn't that easy but I found Paper 3 pretty chill. Almost all the other Psych students, if not everyone, said more or less the same thing when I talked with them about it.
  14. Well I'm not sure for other subjects, but for me I found that exams (English A: Lit, Psych and Bio HL) were easier this year than the ones of previous years. English P1 and P2 for May 2015 was much much easier than the November 2014 papers, Psychology was easier for all three papers (although I guess Psych mainly depends on knowing the concepts and having evidence to back it up rather than merely the former) and, with the exception of Paper 2 data analysis, I felt as if I'd definitely done harder Bio past papers.
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