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  1. you can find the TOK prescribed titles here: http://ibpal.com/docs/prescribed-titles-tok-2
  2. Yes that is a good combination. You are always better of to do 2 instead of 1 group 3 subjects. Have a look at this analysis: http://ibpal.com/ib_tips
  3. I can't exactly give you a topic, but I can show you some good examples. Here are plenty of English Extended Essays: http://ibpal.com/search?category_id=519ec29adcbd43658f0000ec Including one that scored a near perfect score of 35/36 And take a look at this document for some more sample topics: http://ibpal.com/docs/ee-guides-ee-11 look under the English and Literature sections Best of luck!
  4. Have a look at these ITGS Extended essays: http://ibpal.com/search?category_id=519ec29adcbd43658f0000de
  5. Mandarin EE's are very rare. Here is a sample EE though that received an A: http://ibpal.com/docs/mandarin-ee
  6. Here is a business and management EE that received an A: http://ibpal.com/docs/business-and-management-ee-3
  7. I think you would be fine if you broke the rule. I advise you to take a look at some example economics EE's over at ibpal (this one for example http://ibpal.com/docs/economics-ee that has a near perfect mark) and see what the common practice is for data. Best of luck!
  8. This sample extended essay: http://ibpal.com/docs/biology-ee-14 scored 34/36 (a clear A) and all the tables have titles. In this example, the numbering restarts in the appendix and also restarts for each new appendix (eg Appendix A has separate numbering to Appendix B) Here is another example: http://ibpal.com/docs/biology-ee-2 Tables are titled in this example too Personally in my biology EE, I titled my tables and did not have separate numbering. I think its an subtle point that does not deserve much attention (and won't affect your result) - but keep your tables neat and clean, examiners
  9. I would go with Psychology SL, group 3 subjects are generally easier to perform well in compared to group 4 subjects. Source: http://ibpal.com/ib_tips
  10. Sounds like you are already well on track with the questionnaire? Think about what data you want at the end of the investigation, what kind of graphs (if any) or what data will be relevant to your research question. It is important to get this right as it's difficult to go back and collect more data. For your interview it might be useful to think about what kind of interview, ie structured, semi-structured or flexible, I assume you want to collect the same info from all participantes, so i would stick with a structured interview where you structure all the questions and don't deviate away from
  11. There are plenty of example IA's on ibpal.com, most of them received 7's. This one was on friction, received a 7, so it might relate to thermal in some way.
  12. There are loads of EE examplars over at ibpal.com, If you want to see some examples of EE topics i would suggest you take a look there for some inspiration This one got 33/36 best of luck!
  13. It seems like there is not much focus on literature in your topic and more focus on sociology or politics
  14. Hi there, Chem EE's can often be quite challenging. One of the main points that seems to let down students is when they include too much biology within the essay. Have you had a look at some exemplars? This EE received an A (32/36) and there you can find more on that same site
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