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  1. That's a good question. Many would say coffee. I say that what you need to do is get LESS sleep on the weekend so then when you get five to six hours on the weekdays you'll feel more rested!
  2. I found something that may clarify what it is. My theater teacher has explained it but I don't feel like I could explain the project exactly as it should be. page 6, and 16-18- http://www.smhs.org/ourpages/auto/2010/1/6/49713854/IB%20Theatre%20Bible.pdf I also found another good clarifying source- https://sites.google.com/a/ccsd.edu/theatre-arts-ib/assessment/ipp I hope these help! Good luck!
  3. Well, sometimes our reason is based on the information from our senses. If I can only reason something by seeing it, if I loose my sight then I cannot make that reasoning.
  4. I love your topic! Baroque theater has very elaborate costuming and makeup. I wouldn't suggest using something too contemporary simply because a lot of theater is naturalistic. Try focusing on one (or two plays if you still compare two types.) It will really help when looking for information and developing a scope. ...or you could simply focus on one type of theater and one play and one practitioner and or director and or costume designer. You may even want to choose between costuming and make up. I hope I could be of some help. Good luck! And if you have any more questions or want to talk th
  5. Make sure your topic is narrowed down. First you need to consider the theater practitioner and their methods, then an author and or director who used that particular style. Then you narrow it down to a specific play and aspect of theater (ie. setting design, lighting design, costuming, directing, etcetera). You want to be careful not to make a theater EE into an English EE. You aren't analyzing the play necessarily (analyzing may occur, however that is not the purpose of a theater EE). Some examples of theater practitioners are: Constantin Stanislavski (realism), Emile Zola (naturalism), Berto
  6. I do not think that you will be able to do an Extended Essay on a subject that you are not currently taking (in IB). However, If it is possible, I support it. I am currently doing my EE on theater and am thoroughly enjoying it! (Also, if you are able to do a theater EE I'd love to discuss it with you.)
  7. The scope is the range of what you will cover (and not cover) in your EE. You may want to narrow down your question and make more specific. What helps is to cover a specific aspect of German government and focus on that aspect. Otherwise, your essay will be too broad.
  8. Everybody has that one class that they look forward to every day. What is your favorite IB (or non IB) class and why? Mine is Theater HL. I love it because theater is my passion.
  9. Well this year I've come up with a few ideas. I want to re-start the school's All Abilities Project (AAP) and promote awareness (and social acceptance) of special needs students.
  10. That's cool! I'd love to have a Model UN at my school. Right now we have Mock Senate, but we have a small body.
  11. People have trouble deciding on a CAS project. Have you heard of, seen, or done any interesting or new CAS projects? Do you have any cool ideas? I plan on creating an after school multi-cultural dance program at a local charter school. Many of the children at the charter school can not afford dance lessons. At my school there are many groups that perform dances from their culture. The children will be able to learn dances and decide which type of dance they would like to learn. It would create global awareness, be creative, active, and service.
  12. Hello, I really like this question. Each day I remind myself what I love and what I want out of life. one of the things that makes me unconditionally happy is theater. I love to act and to tell stories. Whenever I go to see a play, I can't help but get excited and think "This is what I want to do. this is what I love." Each day I remind myself of that when I look at my binder. I keep a letter from my dream performing arts college in the front. I like to keep it there because it's a constant reminder of what I'm working for. Thanks for asking such a great question!
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