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  1. Are you taking a course to be a momma's sycophant or are you taking it because you're interested in it. Are you taking a course so you can be sure you're going to give your money away to the university you want or to a community college. Don't disregard courses just because you think they're soft.
  2. I think high schools inflate your predicted grades way too much. Those applying early had predicted grades much higher than what I would give them just for the sake of the school gaining credibility for sending their student off to Oxford etc. That's why your grades were downgraded and whatever ECs you had were scrutinized.
  3. Some things to note, just because you get a 45 doesn't mean you'll be applying to Harvard. And I don't think universities do that, let's pick some minorities for the sake of it game. I think that's just you rationalizing.
  4. Diff the wikipedia articles and look for commonalities?
  5. I've read L'Etranger in its original and I found the themes too dense for an English essay. It'd make a good philosophy paper, not ToK though. Good luck.
  6. If you didn't have to do it that way I'd comment on the dark themes in both books. Maybe you can incorporate them with your narrative-style thesis.
  7. Sorry. Why are people suggesting writing Shakespearean? That is, archaic, out of date and frivolous? I don't know if being a pedantic sycophant will help you with those moderators but getting a 7 is next to impossible with sheer hard work. You can't do it unless you love English and have been loving it for a few years to accumulate the necessary talent.
  8. I'd say use ideas you've written for class assignments.
  9. Strictly speaking, a formal essay will almost never have a question as a title or thesis or argument. It's absurd when you think about it since an essay isn't a research assignment, it's argumentative and a question doesn't instill that confidence.
  10. It depends on your type of thesis and your writing style. If you're directly comparing the two pieces in a commentary line-by-line style then merging the two works would be best. While if you're abstracting a little more and focusing on arguing with general concepts like themes, then maybe focusing on developing one work at a time would be best.
  11. I've always personally believed that these orals are a preparation to sight analysing passages. You shouldn't try to prepare other than knowing the fundamentals of literacy criticism.
  12. Poetry is naturally placed in stanzas. Use them to your advantage and group the lines together for one point.
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