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  1. im not the best with memorising quotes from books, so I chose langlit
  2. enjoy your freedom while you can lol
  3. I guess you could use a question similar to his but you would have to come up with a completely different conclusion.
  4. I would say HKUST would require at least 35, I understand business is harder to get into... (at least that's what they told me at a uni fair)...but im not sure about econ
  5. my only concern for this would be the difficulty of obtaining relevant primary research...
  6. Im having the exact same problem too...i've written a script for my FOA (which is in two weeks) and it barely lasts 4 minutes when i read it
  7. one of my classmates wanted to drop to studies, but didn't in the end because the teachers didnt allow him to redo his IA (SL and studies have different criteria for the IA) obviously if you dont need sl for uni, just drop to studies because you can save a lot of time studying for other subjects...
  8. wait what....you just wrote one......
  9. I think you should consider staying in IB, because if you choose to take separate IB courses instead, this will seriously limit your university choices....
  10. lol stuff it i'll just get a tutor over summer and just try to master it haha I go to west island...which school do u go to i go to sha tin college! hehe i think before you get a tutor, try and ask your friends, or ask your teacher for help (maybe you could grab a lunchtime session w/ them?). if you do manage to learn from that, itll save you the dolla dolla billz in the long run haha idk if the teacher even knows my name lol coz i sit in the back and i rarely answer questions
  11. haha thanks for the offer but it seems like i just get really confused with the graphs and how to draw them...lol the number of lines is just REALLY confusing lol
  12. lol stuff it i'll just get a tutor over summer and just try to master it haha I go to west island...which school do u go to
  13. Could anyone please give me some suggestions for my compsci ee....because I am seeing my supervisor in like 2 days and I have no idea what the hell im doing.....
  14. does anyone else feel like this...or is it just me? I heard for the essay paper you can choose which topic you do...so would it be possible to avoid theory of the firm?
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