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  1. What is the difference b/w HLs and SLs, other than 2 year vs. 1? I took 2 SLs and 4 HLs, but they were pretty much the same work-wise at our school. I know there is the extra paper 3 for some subjects, but that wasn't too bad. I'm in the US anyway, though, and most colleges only give credit for HL courses.
  2. 600 WORDS?!? Wow, well done!
  3. Oops. Wish I had known about the 50 posts thing- I generally haven't bothered to post unless I feel like I really have something to add (bad idea) and the VIP stuff sounds really useful. IB Survival is good even without VIP status, though, and the page of revision links was a great aid for studying. It's nice to have all this info in one place, since before I found this site I had to spend hours searching for all the info. I officially love this site!
  4. Does anyone know the markbands for past years? How many can usually be missed and get a decent score?
  5. As an American, I will definitely say there's a lot of things wrong with our country, but the stereotypes are of course not true for most of the people in our country (at least not all at once, anyway! Though I know a lot of the world hates Bush, it should probably be said that a large number (maybe a majority) of Americans feel that way too. I am so ready to be done with the Iraq War, and so ready to be done with the way everything favors big business and throws the environment to the trash. As far as re-electing him goes, at the time media was still feeding (and I guess being fed) the i
  6. I think they're just different, each harder in its own ways. Like you said, AP is more about taking away your points while IB wants to give you them (I love you IB! ) For exams, the APs are maybe harder in most areas because they are so nit-picky and don't give options so you could relate it to your best area. For IB the work is spread out all year long, with oral presentations, essays, Group 4, etc. Not to mention CAS and the fact you have to balance scores in all the classes if you're Diploma. Our school favors IB, but most teachers say it varies from one student to another with what works
  7. Yes, definitely do not underestimate the supplements- the time it takes to write all of them adds up quite quickly. The common app itself isn't too bad.
  8. That sounds interesting. With "why didn't" questions, theres usually a lot of answers, so it will give you more to write about and also let you hypothesize some of your own.
  9. You're at a good place to start, I would just start reading her poems and keep formulating ideas. Eventually you will strike on something original you would not have thought of at first, and then deepen your ideas into something more specific. My essay was a comparison and I took a very winding path in deciding what I wanted to do with it, but it all worked out in the end. With Group 1 essays, I would just start with a particular author or type of work, like you have, and then let the particular topic come out as you go.
  10. I didn't think Biology was that bad. Paper 1 seemed harder than the November exam we did for practice, but apparently the november was too easy b/c the grading bands for that were tight so hopefully the bands will be looser. I would suggest listening and focusing on each chapter as you go through the course NOW, b/c I noticed that it was much easier to review for the sections I had spent more time on in the first place (duh!). Also, there is a good list of revision sites on IB survival under general discussion I think that I used a lot in studying. There are typed notes of the whole Biolog
  11. I think I maybe answered 1/2 of the questions, and half of what I answered was total BS. Probably every time I have a nightmare for the rest of my life it will be of having to take that test again! Oh well. Hopefully my other scores will make up for it and I can still get the diploma!
  12. Yeah, I did the letter to the principal one too (sounds like most people did- I hope that doesn't mean it will be graded harder!) Paper 1 wasn't awful, but we did a lot of old exams for practice and it did seem to be one of the harder ones, particularly the passage about the trains since it used specific vocab.
  13. kc4293


    We don't offer philosophy at our school, but it sounds a bit like TOK to me. That would be kind of redundant for Diploma students, though, so I was just wondering what is different?
  14. The hardest part of Psychology exams is understanding what they're asking for. Ask your teacher for past exams and the marking schemes or try to find some on the internet, I'm sure there are some you can use to get a better idea of what to study.
  15. I am apparently lazy... I am kind of lazy but I also think there weren't enough choices for the questions. I'm in the middle somewhere probably. *I'm not lazy, just slightly more sane than the rest of IBers Yay to 7.5 hours of sleep!*
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