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  1. Could you please tell me which article it is you're looking at?
  2. Hey everyone! My EE is due in 20 hours! I am at 4326 words and need to do my abstract... Welcome to IB2 - i start school tomorrow... Anyways... my topic: English A1 HL - Representation of dehumanization in Levi's If This Is a Man and Beckett's Catastrophe. If This is a Man = an italian chemist Auschwitz survivor's autobiography Catastrophe = one-act play dedicated to Czech political disident and president Vaclav Havel.
  3. I loathed art class - even SL. Hl is just more hours and a bulked up IWB (Internal Work Book). I fought with my school for months so I could drop art completely. However, my roommate is in Art HL and does the Art Club - he loves it. So really it boils down to how you feel towards hours of tedious drawing and perfecting an IWB page. I couldn't stand it. But hey - whatever floats your boat!
  4. What is your RQ at this point? If it is a English A1 EE and your using 2 texts it will most likely be a comparative literature essay. (I'm doing one write now and i loathe it... i have to turn in a final draft in 2 days -_-') My question is "Representation of dehumanization / nihilist delusion in Primo Levi's If This is a Man and Beckett's Catasrophe" (so it kind of touches on your humanity thing). Humanity is a HUGE TOPIC! So you'll struggle with the word count in the sense that it'll be hard to fit in 4000 words (that's my problem right now). Secondly, remember that you're not comparing the
  5. Basically the reflective statement is supposed to be the outcome of the interactive oral. After having studied and read the novel profusely with your class (as I'm sure we all do ) you hold an Interactive Oral and a Supervised Writing. The interactive oral is a class effort where people ask each other questions and answer them concerning anything that may have caught your interest during the novel (e.g., a passage, a recurring theme or motif etc...). After the interactive oral, the IB assumes that since everybody develops a different understand of a book, yours will be enhanced. This is why th
  6. Ok so if I could find an interview as well as using the Barton psych experiment I could twist the Boston Marathon into my Personal Memory thing?
  7. Ummm so basicly I have to hope for a mass murderer to go on trial within the next week so that I can do the KI that I want? Or is there a way I can fit memory into the Boston Marathon?
  8. Hey everybody! I had a question for ToK but I need help finding a specific KI and maybe a RLS. I wanted to something along the lines of: "To what extent can we rely on personal memory?" at the end I could add something like "to recount historical events" or "crimes" or something. Any other ideas or how it could work? My teacher is fighting with me about how I just have to do the Boston Marathon but I want to do something more fun... Thanks in advance! I am Therefore IB Therefore I stress Therefore I BS
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