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  1. Hey Tripull. Don't worry. You're not the only one, the specimen paper kicked my butt..HARD! I was wondering the same thing! Where were the logarithms, the binomial expansion? One reason I didn't do well was because I didn't focus on the new syllabus. But obviously that's what we have to focus on since it's the new syllabus and definitely going to come in the exam. I thought Paper 1 was easy. Even though I got a 4, I could have easily gained a 6 had i studied the new syllabus, but in my opinion, Paper 2 was very difficult. And unfortunately, my teacher also told us that the final exam is a bit
  2. Hello Everyone, I was doing some research and I needed to find out how exactly the Arts are a form of knowledge. How do we gain knowledge from the arts? For example, the sciences give us facts about the natural world around us through which we understand and hence gain knowledge. However, I don't really quite understand the Arts. I tried reading the books I have but I don't really get it and it isn't really explained. Can someone please explain it to me? Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
  3. I think for Real life situations, you can talk about super popular artists who eventually die from drugs/alcohol abuse (Whitney Houston for eg.) etc. because the fame gets to them. This is more about fame rather than wealth/money, however, because they are rich people, I think it could still somehow apply to them, as they aren't successful, because well... they die? ( I guess?). I'm sorry. This is a a horrible example but it's better than nothing. I think you should research about it and hopefully find a good example where you can talk about how the fame/wealth got to them which acted as a bar
  4. So I'm done with my ITGS EE, except the some stuff like cover page, bibliography etc. And so I had conducted an interview for the primary research and I have the questions. Where do I include them in my EE? In the examples I read, almost everyone had done questionnaires and put them in the appendices. Is that where I put my Interview questions as well?
  5. Hello people, So I'm finished with my Math IA but the only thing left is the reflection. I'm not exactly sure about what to write. I looked it up online and it says that I should discuss the implications of my results, state the significance, limitations, extensions etc.I stated the limitations but I'm not exactly sure about what 'implications' refers to here. And what does extensions mean? I'm lost about how to analyse and evaluate my exploration. And my topic is Modelling Population of the world, if it helps answering my question. Please help. Thank You =)
  6. Modelling musical chords Finding the volume and area of Earth Birthday Paradox Sudoku Traffic flow Golden Ratio Lots of topics out there. Go online to check more out. I'm sure you'll find more out.
  7. So I'm supposed to write a design lab report for my Physics practical experiments. I have no idea what it is. My experiment is based on a parachute experiment. My aim is how does the mass placed on the parachute affect the time taken for the parachute to land? But my teacher said that I don't have to do the practical, and gain raw data from the experiment. I just have to formulate a design. How am I supposed to answer my aim question, if I don't acquire the raw data by doing the experiment? And what exactly is a Design lab report. I'm really confused.
  8. Hello beautiful people. So for ITGS I have been hearing this thing called the case study. What is it? Is it part of the IA or something. I'm so stupid for not knowing lol but anyway, yeah, could someone tell me what it is and what we are supposed to do for it?
  9. But it's still the same for SL, i think. The HL people have to write the essay on one work only but SL still compare and contrast two of the works. At least, that's what I heard, the last time I checked.
  10. Does anyone know a website or has some examples of the English HL written assignment that I can see? It would really be helpful. Thanks =)
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, but do you think my question is too narrow? When I saw examples, I noticed that the essay title were very short and broad. Like the role of *some character* as a role model in *some book* or the contrast between *something* and *another thing* in *some book*. They weren't even questions. Mine is too long, and kind of narrow and a question. Should that be a concern?
  12. So hey guys, I'm supposed to write my written assignment for English, but I don't know where to start and I'm struggling. It gets send to the IBO right? What exactly are they looking for in the assignment? The assessment rubric isn't really that helpful. What kind of content should I provide in order to get a good grade? To what extent does it have to be related to the supervised writing? I'm kind of nervous cause English is my weak subject and the written assignment is worth like 20% of your overall grade. BTW if it helps, I chose the play Medea by Euripides and my prompt is "How does Euripid
  13. "What impact will the introduction of bio metric surveillance have on the banking sector of Zambia"? Is this RQ too broad? If yes, then how can I narrow it down?, and don't tell me to change the topic completely because I've gone pretty far and I think that it's a bit too late. Are there any ways through which I can just narrow it down more and make it a less broad RQ? and Also does it seem more inclined towards Economics rather than ITGS, any possible ways on how I can change that without changing the whole complete topic?? I really need help because I believe that it's too broad and I need t
  14. I'm also doing my EE in ITGS now I'm starting to realize that my RQ may be too broad and more towards Economics. My RQ is : What impact will the introduction of bio metric surveillance have on the banking sector of Zambia? Do you guys think that it's too broad? IF yes, then how can I narrow it down? Thanks.
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