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  1. Test yourself using notecards regularly. Also draw mindmaps if it helps. Finally repetition really helps you memorize.
  2. I don't mean to sound negative but what are you complaining about? You seem to be getting enough sleep and your commute is not even that bad. I am beggining to question the seriousness about this post. Where is the crazy schedule? I know so many people that have worse schedules. Anyways, wether you want to drop choral or not depends on you. If you feel unnecessarily stresssed then do drop it. Also, you may want to cut back on sleep if you want to keep choral.
  3. Altough it is not impossible to go from 25 to 37 it may be extremely difficult and you may want to have realistic expectations. Just work hard. You probably already know what you need to do in order to do well or what resources to refer to in order to improve study habits. Now you have to actually apply those strategies and be hardworking and motivated. Good Luck!
  4. Paper 3 is super easy compared to the other two papers in Economics HL. Standard level does not have Economics Paper 3. Also, there is not that much difference between HL and SL Economics in my opinion. Some other subjects have huge differences between SL and HL levels (such as math).
  5. Why should you care about what your peers think of your subject choices? If you take ESS and Math Studies that's your choice and you don't have to care about their opinion. I doubt you will be able to persuade them to think that Maths studies is a respectable subject but then again they don't work in the university admissions office so their opinion is useless. You find out which math is best for you and if maths studies is good for you and you don't want to take any other math class then go ahead and take maths studies.
  6. Most people take exams for all 6 subjects in their second year. And on top of that some people take 4HL's instead of 3 HL's. Don't worry about it being too stressful. DOn't expect it to be difficult but also don't expect it to be easy. Just practice proper time management. Yes exams for 6 subjects will be very overwhelming if you study two years of content only a day before the exam and don't start sooner.
  7. 33 downloads

    Here are some vocabulary words that I picked up from past papers and elsewhere and seem to be good to know.
  8. I think I saw somewhere that it will be released on 8th July but I can't be sure.
  9. I saw my results! Total: 35/45 HL: 18 SL: 16 Bonus: 1 ENGLISH A: Lang and Literature SL: 6 FRENCH AB. SL: 6 MATHEMATICS SL: 6 ECONOMICS HL: 6 COMPUTER SCIENCE HL: 5 PHYSICS HL: 5 ECONOMICS EE: C TOK: B
  10. I have been practicing for the french ab initio paper 2 exam for Friday by doing past papers. I discovered they give you a multitude of text types and one of the criteria of the rubric is how well you follow the conventions of the text type. Does anyone have a list of text types that the IB expects you to know and can anyone add to the conventions of each text type? I don't know if there is a list in the syllabus or anything but I know they have asked for speeches, letters (formal and informal), brochures and journal entries in past papers. Good Luck to everyone on both papers.
  11. There is this new thing they give in maths examinations now called "graphing paper". I am confused as to when to use it. In one of the questions on the specimen paper it says to specifically use "graph paper" but in another question it tells to sketch a graph and in other questions they offer a grid in the answer booklet. When they say "sketch" do I have to use graph paper? Thank you for clearing this up. The use of graph paper is confusing me.
  12. There is derivation by first principles in my textbook but it also has a lot of supllementary material. I find first principles in an inefficient method and a waste of time to review. Do we need to know this tough?
  13. In the monetarist model long run economic growth is represented by a shift the three curves: AD, SRAS and LRAS. A good diagram of this is in the Tragakes Book on page 256. My question is why does AD increase if there is long run growth?
  14. I think it is to show how it would be very difficult for Stella to leave Stanley now. it almost seems like Blanche and Stanley are competing for Stella's love and trying to make the other one seem bad. But Stella has illusions about Stanley and also he is the father of her child so she cannot really leave him. Blanche on the other hand is a delusional and crazy woman that suffered through the death of her old lifestyle.
  15. Hi, Which graph do you draw on the exams? The monetarist model or Keynesian model? I feel that monetarist is easier to draw but Keynesian is more correct. What do you do for a general demand/supply side policy question which does not specify which model to use?
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