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  1. To what extent was the Hitler Youth a success within the years [iNSERT YEAR HERE] - [iNSERT YEAR HERE]?
  2. Actually, it depends if your teacher is good at explaining or not. It doesn't really matter if you have a weak background or a strong one, as long as you work hard and pay attention in class, it should be okay. It's SL anyways. If it was HL I wouldn't recommend. But then again, it also depends on your mathematical skills. Some people are not good in math so they struggle. alot. It's because my school decided not to have Studies this year, I pity the IB1s
  3. Usually, for trips like this, we would put 20. Not like IB would look at hours anyway, it's he outcomes that count. Just put whatever you think is right
  4. Hello everyone, I'm in a crisis. Not to say I have no advancement, or my deadline is close; neither of those are true. I have done some research, and my deadline is far from now. However, I have a question about my question. My Topic: Navajo Code Talkers on WWII My research question: To what extent were the Navajo Code Talkers an important element in the American victory of Iwo Jima and Okinawa? My question about my question: It seems as if it's too narrow (I couldn't find much sources, mainly due to where I live). I want to know that if I were to change the question to: To what extent were th
  5. Background: I am the president/dictator/leader (whatever you want to call it) of a club in High School called the Broadcasting Club. We're basically the BBC of the school, except we don't do it live, we prepare the videos a week in advance. The school has offered to pay for the materials we require, however we're not going to ask for more than $1000 per equipment, because that's just pushing it. So our situation is: We require a camera (one that comes with or fits on a tripod) that would be perfect for videos (in HD) and would be easily transferable and can be easily edited on iMovie.
  6. Thank you very much. This would help me so much!
  7. So do you have any suggestions as how many words? 500? 600?
  8. Hello everyone. Hope all is well. I have a question about general EE for history. Firstly, my question is "To what extent were the Navajo Code Talkers an important element in the American victory of Iwo Jima and Okinawa?" However, my question that I want you to answer is this: Does it have to be full analysis, or can I have a narrative in the beginning, and then the later ones become the analysis?
  9. Hey, I'm a non-arab but I'm taking Arabic Ab-Initio. Can I get some help maybe? Could you add me on facebook, because I'm only on there. Plus, are there any specific books I need to use, because our school just started Arabic Ab-Initio because of me, so they don't know anything. Thanks in advance
  10. Here's my IA: Analyze the importance of the island of Saipan as a position post for the Japanese and the Americans.Analyze the importance of the island of Saipan as a position post for the Japanese and the Americans. Here's my EE: To what extent were the Navajo code talkers an important element in the American victory of Iwo Jima and Okinawa? And what I meant from willing to pay, I didn't mean actually getting the books, because I would be needing more than one, so maybe like scribd, i pay monthly or something, thing is the site doesnt have the books I need, so it would be a waste.
  11. Here's my situation, I'm an IB student studying in the UAE. However, I am from Malaysia, thus my entire summer would be spent in Malaysia. Now I have chosen my EE and IA topics for History, but the thing is, the books that I require apparently are not in the libraries in Malaysia. I require books about Navajo Code Talkers and books about Saipan. Thing is, now I am in trouble because there are no books for me to consult. Are there any websites that you know for sure that has the books that I may need, I am willing to pay, but I don't want to end up having to buy the books. Please, someone sav
  12. I'd suggest though, if your school doesn't offer the Math HL Pearson Baccalaureate book, you should get it, because it is a very good and well explained Math book, much better than the Oxford one that my school supplies. Even my teacher agrees with that. And from what I can see, you're planning on taking IB certificate, yes? because you definitely couldn't take all 3 sciences in the Full IB Diploma. I wish you the greatest of luck i beginning IB
  13. I'm not one that took chinese, but I was in a similar situation. I took arabic B SL because my school didn't offer ab initio. I thought I could make it, however the other students in my class were all arabs, I'm not. They allowed me to take arabic ab initio, and I'd say, nothing is easy. I'd recommend you take chinese ab initio, because really, are you going to use chinese as a study later in life?
  14. it says it is not a valid site
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