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  1. Hi there! You seem like a hard working, dedicated student, which is great! If you work extremely efficiently, then good for you! I personally would not suggest taking 4 Hl courses, especially HL math..........I know you want a challenge, however, honestly everyone that I know that takes HL math says it is a load of work, without the fourth HL course! I would suggest taking math SL and keeping everything else! HL biology is a blast............HL chem is a pain which is why I dropped it to SL
  2. Banned because I agree there should definitely be an innocent until proven guilty policy, however, we both know how the world is never fair so what can we do about it?
  3. Banned because I also agree with many things the US does.........and it is not very helpful that Stephen Harper does whatever he can to stay on America's good side by basically copying them! Also, you are correct that NSA should not do this, however, I stand by what I say in the fact that we can not control what anyone does but ourselves meaning no matter what, we should be careful of what is said online
  4. Banned because yes it is that simple! Just be careful of what you say or do! Nothing ANYONE EVER does should be done so mindlessly! Everyone should think about every single thing they do, anyways! So if they do that, there should really be no issue! Those who object will be those who do not take the time to think about what they do, who in turn deserve what they get, no?
  5. Banned because then you would not use it but if you have access to it, why not? And you can assume that anything on the internet that you say or do is watched! That is not news to me..I already knew that! Nobody should say anything online they do not want others to see! .
  6. Banned because if you care enough to, you will find opposing opinions And true I agree with the fact that society is quite dependent on technology, but it is just convenient, I think!
  7. Banned because what is the point of reading a gajillion papers if you can just go on your phone or laptop and look at the internet! And thats what hashtags are for! So that people can group topics together! It really depends on who you follow or what you search for
  8. Banned because many newpapers are biased or show one single side, whereas on social media you can find many different sides as well as views and opinions on a topic!
  9. Banned for using hashtags without being a twitterer! And banned for being a generation behind and still reading newspapers!
  10. Banned because how do you communicate with people and learn about world issues and such?
  11. Banned because you live on your own planet without socialnetworks! Banned for not having me on twitter! @salma_koko1
  12. Banned because HASHTAGS are for TWITTER!!! I have twitter!
  13. Banned because I saw cirque du soleil in Quebec City and they were AMAZING!
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