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  1. Ok I showed your IA to some of my friends. They all said it was great! The only problem: you need to use a consistent formatting like APA, because of all the formulas and Tables and graphs. Go on owlpurdue for help on how to do APA. You can use easybib for your Works cited. Carl
  2. Hi! So far from what I've read your Math IA looks great! In my opinion your Math IA meets the criteria. For example, when you talk about TNT, you say: "The released energy is enormous and equivalent to detonation of 6 million TNT tons, huh! Mighty power." The huh is a little to informal here. However, I loved the comparison that you made with the TNT!!! Which citation style are you using? APA? I'm asking because you are not always consistent (may also be because of the conversion) I'll try and print it and ask somebody else to verify whether you have enough math, but I think you should be good
  3. Hi! that topic sounds great! It would really help, if you could give an example of the calculations you did. Maybe you could attach your formula somehow? Carl
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a senior and currently I'm rewriting my historical investigation. I'm trying to write about Ernst Reuter's (mayor of Berlin) role in the Berlin airlift. Our teacher is not very helpful and I don't know if my question is focused our even appropriate at all. This is my current question: In what ways did Ernst Reuter contribute to the success of the Berlin airlift? -> He was really important in convincing the allies to set up the airlift and to rally the West-Berlin citizens during the airlift. Some call him the 'voice of Berlin' I just thought of another question (probably
  5. One simple thing to do is to do forecasting the spread of influenza. Use an exponential moving average to obtain forecasted values and then back-test, whether this model actually predicted the spread correctly and adjust accordingly. This bumped my score up to a 20. Here is the video, where I learned how to do that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQizXdouK84
  6. I know it is a lot! But thanks anyway!
  7. Reflections are not included at all in your final ToK grade. This is probably something your teacher does. Your ToK presentation and your ToK Essay are the only two components that determine your final ToK letter grade. While your presentation is graded on a scale of 20 points, your Essay is graded on a scale of 40 points. The grade boundaries are determined based on how students did overall. If you google a little you can find the past grade boundaries. Hope it helped.
  8. I forgot: you can find the requirements for the acceptance of IB as a german "Hochschulzugangsberechtigung" in the following document: http://www.kmk.org/fileadmin/pdf/ZAB/Hochschulzugang_Beschluesse_der_KMK/IB_Diploma_09.pdf this is the most up-to-date version. Make sure to check with your federal "Kultusministerium" that your subject selection is compliant and get some sort of paper from them that confirms this. That can save you A LOT of trouble later on.
  9. Hey, I am actually from Germany too, but living in the USA. I'm a senior and I take German A Lang & Lit as well. It is pretty easy. You will mainly focus on prose commentary and your English A Lit class will prepare you for everything in German as well.
  10. Whenever I wrote my rationale I just included everything it says in the subject guide: how the content of the task is linked to a particular part of the coursehow the task is intended to explore particular aspects of the course the nature of the task chosen (you chose the fashion blog, because it is a stereotypical domain of women)information about audience (that depends really), purpose (showing the typical language of women and stuff and the varying contexts in which the task is set (this depends on in which context you have talked about gender in your class - is there maybe some historical
  11. Hi guys, I just finished my experiment for our first real Biology IA. This time I used my computer to collect data and I pretty much ended up with 2*300 data points for my 5 variation times 5 repeats. My teacher wouldn't answer my question, so here it is: Do I have to include all this data in my IA in the tables for raw data? Thanks Carl
  12. Carl Martin

    Math IA

    I have a question regarding my Math IA. Ours is due monday and I'm quite unsure whether I should use passive voice, I or we. What do you use?
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