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  1. Paper 1 was a disaster to me... I was very different from other past papers (i have to blame on myself for not study the concepts and graphs hahah). Anyway, paper 2 was easier than I though, I chose question about CCD/escape speed and momentum one. Section A was a pain btw. Good luck on your paper 3 exam guys!
  2. I couldn't agree more that the questions this year were so bad!! It is such a waste of time to study all the theory in CLA when there is a question about research method and brain scanner thingy. Hahaha. I think I did okay in the SAQs but not sure about the LAQ
  3. I went through the "switching school" phases before and it was hard for me as I wasn't able to grasp economics and math. My only suggestion is to check with the new school about ib courses. Do they offer same courses in the level you are taking and where are they on the syllabus. From my own experience, I did microeconomics in year 1 but my new school already finished with macroeconomics. So I had to self study an entire unit of macro. Take this into your consideration. Think wisely and good luck :')
  4. I did supply-side one because I had absolute no idea about the multiplier haha. I think it wasn't that bad.
  5. Actually I think paper 1 was the hardest :/ For paper 2 I did question 2 about rupee and question 3 about china / african nations paper 3 simply made my day hahaha
  6. How about the actually ib score transcript? Will there be a legit "pass" or "fail" on there or just simply a score from 1-7 range for each subj? Thank you so much!
  7. I'm sitting in May 2015 exam at this moment I have a strong feeling that I'm not going to pass the ib and receive diploma. I believe that my overall score is considered as passing but not for my HLs (according to my predicted scores). If that is the case, am I going to get ib certificate for each individual subjects instead of diploma? and also will my grade transcript show a "passing or failing" thingy? Thank you!
  8. Hey guys so basically I realized that the other researches that I used in introduction and discussion part didn't went along with my main study (Drewnowski & Murdock, 1980). Can anyone suggest any research studies which relates to memory and recalling number in visual and auditory conditions. Thank you so much!
  9. Hey friends! I decided to do math IA on Newton's law of cooling which is based on calculus. However I don't know what Im supposed to do. So far I only just "modeling" the formulas but then I dont know what to add next :/ I planned to find numbers and substitute in the formulas and I was also thinking of adding graphs but I dont know how to explain. Here is my brief outline: - rationale - introduction - modeling law of cooling - find some data and substitute into formula (maybe 3 conditions) - do graphs - conclusion I'm quite sure this is not enough but I have no idea what to add more. P
  10. Hi friends I'm thinking doing IA on projectile motion in Angry Bird. The thing is I don’t know where and how to start… I was thinking of finding velocity, acceleration of the each bird then find the maximum point and the height of the trajectory. I have no clue at all... Am I allow to use physics formulas for this exploration?? Projectile motion has to do a lot with angles but then if I find an angle would that be considered as trigonometry or something like that? Is it possible for me to find angle if I do my exploration on calculus? or should I just give the angle by measurement or
  11. A LOT. I tried to manage time but I failed all the time lol
  12. Hey guys so I am going to write EE in English A1 category 3. I'm thinking of doing about social media and how it affects the creation of news. Because most of the news are based from social media. I will focus on tweets from twitter in American cultures. Right now I just came up with a topic, what should be my research question and how could I develop this topic further?
  13. I'm afraid that the school wont accept me but on the other hand it sounds very risky to take new subject since ib is a two year course. I'll consider about it! Btw, I'm thinking of doing self-taught language here and take language A course with a teacher in a new school not changing from lang A to self-taught. Thanks for your advice (: To be honest, I'm very very bad at econ but if my new school doesn't offer econ then how can I turn in my IA?
  14. Hi guys happy new year! I'm quite enjoying my first year of IB but the problem is my parents are going to move to another country in next school year (during my last year of IB which is sad). Well I don't know how this IB transferring system works but my only concern is about my IB courses. I haven't picked the school yet but my parents already have a list of international schools. From what I see based on my research, some courses that I take in my current school doesn't offered in the new school. For example I'm taking Econ HL and most of the school from the list doesn't have it or only offe
  15. Hi! This is my first year of IB and I think I've made a big mistake. I'm planing to go to engineering program (probably mechatronic or mechanical) in Thailand and they don't accept IB scores so I have to take SATs anyway. I take physics HL and math SL and I'm quite happy with all of my classes until today. My dad walked up to me and said "Wouldn't the university checked if you have take chemistry in high school before?"... To be honest I never take chemistry in high school. But I have chemistry class in academies outside of school. He also said it is my fault to take psychology and economics i
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