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  1. Anyone have boundaries for math sl TZI? I don't need TZ2. Thanks a lot
  2. Can someone please help me interpret these component scores? Subject Details MAY 2013 ANTICIPATED 0 Subject MAY 2013 - FRENCH B SL in FRENCH INTERNAL ASSESSMENT (ORAL) PAPER ONE PAPER TWO WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT MAY 2013 - MATHEMATICS SL in ENGLISH PAPER ONE PAPER TWO PORTFOLIO This is a summary of candidates results in the session MAY 2013 Date printed: 17-JUL-2013 15:44:03 Grade 3 5 5 7 7 7 6 Raw mark Moderated mark 16 11 32 15 25 90 81 34 32 Scaled mark 64 11 17.792 15 20 92 39.96 35.964 16
  3. Is it possible for a lab to be marked, even though only 2 out of the 3 aspects are completed? For example, our design lab for over the summer only permits us to do aspect 2 and 3. Is it possible to count as a lab mark?
  4. ok. for anyone who has the problem? what is the deal with it? why did it happen? and is it getting fixed?
  5. Is there anyone else who did not have their interactive mark included in their final raw mark for language B? Mine was not included.
  6. But what does it mean, a grade boundary is rounded down?
  7. Marks or boundaries ending in exactly 0.5 are rounded in the candidates’ favour—a mark is rounded up, while a boundary is rounded down" what does this exactly mean?
  8. anyone have math sl TZ1. i really need it
  9. Anyone have the grade boudnaries for math sl may 2013, tz1?
  10. Does anyone have the grade boundaries for Sl math tz1, and sl french b?
  11. What are your predictions about the math sl tz1 exam. I really hope I get a 7. I think I got 85/90 on paper one cause I screwed up the skecth (-3) and some other stupid mistake (-2), and a 82/90 on paper 2 cause I did stanadard deviation instead of variance (-2), my sketch started outside the domain (-1), I rounded too early (-1), and the for the max rate of change, my GDC screwed up the sketch (-4). This is the abolsute worst case scenario, assuming I lose maximum marks for the things I get wrong. What are your predictions?
  12. but the text gave the word as "tes parents" thats why. and did u notice in the markschemes that answers are usually given like (tes/les/aux) parents
  13. Do you think ill loose mark if put "tes parents" instead of "les parents"
  14. the answer for the last part was D, because it was to inform those about the rules and regulations and informing about protection of the envmt,
  15. I got what Andrew got, i put sauvegarde, pays, perterbent for the filling ing the missing spaces
  16. What did y replace in the cyber addiction passage?
  17. ^ the secon part of the log question was answerable. 8^log base 2 5, can be rewritten, and the answer is 125 did u ask ur teacher what those questions were?
  18. you had to equate y=105 and the function (over 1 cycle), and then subtract the 2 intersection points to find the range, subtract them, and then divide by 25
  19. the answer to the probability questions was 0.33
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