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  1. What do you mean by math HL 1? Well you said you plan of taking Math at the HL level and most HL classes are spread over two years. That means two years of HL math. The first year you take HL Math(or any other HL class for that matter) would be "-IB class-"HL 1 since its your first year.
  2. I heard from my teacher(assuming you're talking about Math HL 1) that they were taking a unit out of the HL 1 curriculum next year at my school at least. I think it was matrices(it would go between Trig and Complex Numbers) But otherwise it'll be: 1. Algebra "Review" 2. Functions 3. Trig 4. Complex Numbers 5. Vectors 6. Probability 7. Differential Calc. Well, thats the HL 1 syllabus for my school at least.
  3. I kind of regret taking HL math because my grade suffered. But our HL math teacher is kickass, so I'm sticking it through.
  4. SL Bio- 5 Pretty happy considering I scraped by the class.....
  5. South Lakes High School, VA, USA. Class of 2014. Senior year!!!
  6. Honestly? Nothing related to IB much. The most I would do is look a little more into calculus stuff for HL 2 in a couple months since its gonna be tough. Other than that, english summer assignment, college resume, and SAT prep.....:|
  7. Oh my God, this is another one of those "you know you're an IB student" because the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread was back to the lesson on practice of mass producing animals for consumption's lesson in Bio SL....I still even remember the chart of pro-meat vs anti-meat. Funnily enough, my Bio teacher is a vegan and the first list of reasons was for anti-meat Pro-meat: Animals were made to be consumed, you can't get all nutritions from plants and a couple others Anti-meat: conditions, animals are sentient beings as well, you shouldn't just raise animals just to kill them. My m
  8. We can't even make it to the speed of light--->faster than light travel yet. We're kind of stuck at the point humanity was before the Industrial Revolution.
  9. I must be the only IB'er on here to not use caffeine.....I stay awake with only with my good headphones lol. I don't drink caffeine or soda whereas most of my friends do....
  10. Dogs all the way skateboard or longboard?
  11. Sad story actually. Some people at my school decided to write rap lyrics on their HL math exams. My teacher was really pissed. They also traced their hand onto the paper and wrote "High five for IB"
  12. Granted, but it is. I wish I was good at maths
  13. So in HL math, we were doing a problem for differential calculus and we somehow, weren't suppose to get a bigger number, but did anyway(it was the wrong answer). Teacher: "That's how Jesus made so much food for all those people out of so little bread and fish! He used calculus!" The whole class gave him an encore. Me and a couple of my friends just walked out of class saying we were done lol.
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