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  1. Cao is the Same as adding linewater isnt it
  2. What did you Write for the lake question ?
  3. Same i also drew the structures, just did Not do it here cool, then i Even get Those calculation Marks i was Not Sure though if My Equation for the Formation of PANs was right
  4. I Said that PAN Gases in photochemical Smog, and NO2 is also a secondary one. I got 2.8* 10^-14. but These calculations were Never My strength. Yeah Sorry the products probably should be water and co2 right ? And for anaerobic ? With the function of the hydrolysis ? I wrote that the triglyceride plus 3 waters forms glycerole plus 3 oelic acids.
  5. I did Option B(biochemistry) and E(environmental). Overall i thought it was Easy. Iodine number was the amount of iodine that Adds to 100 Gram of the compound. So you Devide the molar mass of iodine by the given molar mass and multiply by 100. The answer was around 86. The only challenging thing for me in option be was the respiration question. I was not sure war exactly happened to pyrivate. I said it was oxidized in both aerobic and anaerobic respiration. I was not totally sure about the products either, I said glucose and co2 in aerobic and lactic acid+ ATP in anaerobic In option E I was n
  6. What were other peoples answers for reducing the amount of MnO formed ? I mean reducing the amount of oxygen supplied during the reaction does not seem realistic and doable to me
  7. The thing is, this isn't even in the syllabus. Let's bomb the IB in Cardiff!!!! What isn't in the syllabus ? The systematic error thing is (objective 11.1.1 describe and give examples of random uncertainties and systematic errors). And for the Mn thing, who knows, i guess it is just data analysis... But I'll join the bombing anyways
  8. I said it was a systematic error, as the readings would have all been off by the same amount. And I said that they should reduce the amount of oxygen available, as the percipitate formed in the reaction of Mn2+ with oxygen. but I am not sure they'll accept it, I just guessed for that one
  9. ANd for the cosine question I had exactly the same thing were cos(x)=0.... so it should be doable if many people had the same approach. I just talked to my math teacher and he thinks it is very unlikely that they will cancel the papers in total; he said they will either remove the questions or assign marks for students if they had the right approach
  10. I can not believe that they would not take the exams in consideration at all... This would put so many people at a disadvantage,who have for exampled counted on the exams pulling their grade up, being in the knowledge that it is worth the greatest part of their grade. I think what they sometimes did in chemisrty and biology was simply removing the question from the marking all together, and adjusting the total marks. I would be seriousy mad if the exams do not count, because we all pay loads of money for these examinations, and we can at least expect that the questions are solvable and within
  11. There probably was a mistake in the graph because it did not approach zero and the second order graphs given in all my books looked different to D in that respect. IN general I think many questions were either awkwardly asked in respect to wording, or seemed to have answers with errors....
  12. I had D for the graph because of the gradient
  13. OH man, I actuall know that stuff but confused myself because of the different wording :(thanks
  14. oh and the question with the lattice enthalpy, I was a bit confused. Because they were talking about the most positive lattice enthalpy of dissociation, and they have not used that terminology before. I was confused because does it require energy for the dissociation, which would mean the stronger they are held together the more negative it was ? So therefore the right answer was the one with the largest size adn the smallest charge?
  15. I actually thought some questions on paper one were quite challenging, like the acid base one. I also thought the question 40 was unusually difficult as I found the answers too subjective. I said it was accurate and precise, because the differences in pH would actually be minimal if converted to Hydrogen ion concentrations, but who knows. And on the acid base reaction question I also said B, because the others all seemed to involve transfers of protons. And paper 2...well I hated most of the calculations, because I am a person that does silly math errors, especially when under stress. And onl
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