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  1. It depends more on the school. For my school we have to write one big end of the year reflection which summarizes how we have met the learning outcomes, ONLY if you have not done your reflections throughout the school year properly. If you do have to do an end of the year reflection at your school, it should just be a geneal summary of your activities and how you have met the outcomes through your activities (make sure you have specific examples).
  2. I believe you mean CAS not TOK, as you don't need hours for TOK. But for CAS the requirements have changed from needing to show you have done 150 hours to having reflections on you time spent doing CAS. Within these reflections you must me 8 learning outcomes set by the IB (your CAS coordinator should have these) if you do not complete reflections in which all learning outcomes have been met for CAS, you have not completed CAS and it should be considered a fail. Hope that helps.
  3. Quick question does the abstract word count, count in your final 4000 words?? I've googled it, but google doesn't seem to want to be helpful. Thanks
  4. I would stick with Physics you might not like it as much as Biology, but as a student who just finished her IB1 of Biology there is A LOT of content to learn unless you take it at SL. For many schools it will be too late to switch as they say there will be too much content to learn. You should first talk to your IB coordinator and counselor to see if it is even an option and talk to the Bio teacher as well. I don't know about your school but I wanted to switch from Psych HL to Business or Econ HL around the winter holidays and they said that it was already way to late to even think about chang
  5. I agree with yii yann, most SAT classes are extremely unhelpful for the amount of money you are paying. You best bet is to but the SAT text book and have a friend that did really good in the section you need help with or that subject teacher to help you out. If you can't afford the book I am sure there are some online past SAT papers that you can use and print them out or write the questions out. Most people who take SAT classes don't really have their grade raised too much, if you really need help friends and teachers are the best options. And to your question of can you high school pay for y
  6. Internal assessment and group 4 project (24%) Paper 1 (20%) Paper 2 (32%) Paper 3 (24%)
  7. Don't be embarresed to ask your teachers in class to clarify something! It will come back to bite you later if you don't. Remember that this is a TWO YEAR course don't just try to memorize stuff before tests LEARN it so studying for exams will be easier.
  8. You need to have a certain style that you are analyzing, a motif, theme or something. It won't do to just analyse the book, maybe the analyze the characters and why the author has made them the way they are, for example in Death and the Maiden, Dorfman makes the characters fairly flat in order to highlight the fact that they are quite general characters that can fit a large amount of similiar situations and they each represent a certain 'theme' victim, victimmizer, peace-keeper. Make sure you find a book you know pretty well and has reference materials you can use!
  9. Make sure that you choose a book that has a good many resources with it so you can have references! Our DP coordinator told us all sorts of horror stories that came from English EE kids not doing enough research before hand looking to see if there book choice had any type of study material that they could use for references and they ended up having to start over. Also it would be interesting do something on a book that had been banned in a country and compare it to a book in the same country that was not banned, or something like that it would be pretty interesting.
  10. I don't take those three HLs together but my friend does and the only thing you need to worry about is managing your time. Although Art is a class were you write you decide what and when you do something don't let yourself procrastinate because it is extremely difficult to catch up with once you get behind (I know from experience), if you have a class you enjoy (like History) you shouldn't worry about it although you will habve to do more content because you are HL if you like the class it should be easy. What you will have the most problem with is Physics, from all the HL kids at my school, i
  11. I loved The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. It was really dark and pretty sexual but we always ended up having amazing discussions in class about it. I also really liked Antigone, but I am not sure why. I think those are probably the best books I have read so far in Lit.
  12. I really like Little Red Cap by Carol Ann Duffy. I think Carol Ann Duffy in general is an amazing writer, I really like how she explores male/female power relationships, stereotypical male/female behaviour and feminism.
  13. Thanks! My supervisor hasn't given me anything, I have barely even seen her. She is the librarian so she said she doesn't really want to see anything but the works cited and in-text citations. So, I am pretty much having to do this by myself so the help is much appreciated.
  14. Mine is derived from Pottermore, Pumpkinstorm180. So my fellow Potterheads starting calling me Pumpkin, then in our nerdy Harry Potter knowledge quizzes I opened a can whoop-ass on everyone and they started saying 'all hail the great pumpkin'. The End
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