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  1. One of my friends (she's German) got less points and is going to study physics in Berlin. She's told me that German universities don't actually have high requirements because barely anyone does physics there. Good luck!
  2. From what I've heard from those in my class that took English B SL it's not too difficult, so I think you should be able to catch up. However, I took English A HL so maybe my advice isn't the best either
  3. I really wasn't expecting it to be about the US, but I think that's on my teacher since we barely looked at that aspect of the conflict. So since I had almost no knowledge on that I focused on Sadat and his desire to broker a peace with the Israelis and establish a relationship with the US, concluding that the US couldn't be called the driving force because the statement undermined the role of both the Israelis and Egyptians.
  4. I don't think I mentioned his foreign policies. I wrote about the Versailles Treaty in my outline but I think I only mentioned it in passing in my essay. Mainly I focused on the marginalization of the Jews (acknowledging the Nuremberg Laws and the fact that after 1935 they were technically no longer Germans), women (especially with regards to employment) and then mentioned the marginalization of religious groups and euthanasia a bit less in-depth. Why do you feel bad? I don't think mentioning foreign policy was necessary for that essay question. Surely someone could probably incorporate it, bu
  5. I thought the questions in Paper 3 were fine, but I'm worried I messed up my last essay. I wrote it on the arts in the UK in the 2nd half of the 20th Century, and halfway through my conclusion realized I was writing about Film and TV, which aren't necessarily considered to be art but rather just entertainment. By that time we had ten minutes left and it was too late to do anything, so I just hope the examiner accepts it as answering the question! (I consider these things to be part of the arts, which is why I didn't give it a second thought while writing the outline, so I think it mainly depen
  6. it depends on the question but from looking at mark schemes for past papers they do tend to give follow through marks
  7. Hi! I'm doing self-taught Spanish A SL and I'm extremely worried about paper 2, since I'm not confident I'll be able to analyse the books having never done them in a class setting. I'm reading Cien años de soledad & La casa de los espíritus (I don't have time to read the 3rd book, but it's Maria by Jorge Isaacs) and so I was wondering if anyone else (self-taught or otherwise) is using those two works and could help me out with good quotes for memorizing or just some tips on how to write paper 2 (we did poetry in English and my prose analysis is a bit rusty to be honest)
  8. I'd say the main thing is how good you are with memorizing a lot of material, since both psychology and biology are really heavy with memorizing. I'd follow everyone else's advice and try having 4 HLs for a while and then making a decision, but keep in mind what you'll need to do for exams and how you feel about what each exam requires from you, which is what it eventually boils down to.
  9. All of the topics you suggested are great revision, especially if you're doing Aspects of Europe and the Middle East for Paper 3! Even if you don't do them in class, this gives you something extra that you can write about in the exam. Keep in mind that everything in the syllabus is very overdone in terms of the IA, however, so try to find a different aspect that you can write about (it gives you a better chance at scoring well if the examiner hasn't read 100 on the same topic before). I tried to do the same (write on a topic I could use for the exam) but ended up writing it on a topic similar
  10. I'd say you need more than Russia for Paper 3, but I don't remember just now how many sections Russia comes up in. I'm focusing on Italy (Mussolini for P2 and Interwar Years in P3, Unification for P3) and Germany (Weimar for democratic states in P2, Hitler for authoritarian/single party in P2, Germany as a whole for Interwar Years in P3). I'd suggest doing one more thing for Paper 3. You can either find something that ties into what you've done already (look at the sections that paper 3 is divided into) or I'd recommend doing the Unification of Italy since it's quite short (at least in the Eur
  11. I'm the last one to be done in my school because I'm taking Spanish Self-taught and they didn't offer Spanish ab initio The last exams before my two Spanish are the Chem people on the 20th, so I finish a good three days after everyone else is done! (cries) I have no exams between the 15th and the 22nd though so I might pre-celebrate with all the people who end on the 15th anyway
  12. Most people in my class said they found both papers to be really difficult. Personally, I didn't find them to be too bad (no idea why my experience seemed to be so different from everyone else's). The last question in Section A of Paper 2 threw me off though! (The table with ratios, I had no idea what to do)
  13. You should try to find some papers online (just search History of the Americas Paper 3 and something should come up after some digging) and familiarize yourself with the kind of questions that come up.
  14. I'm confused as to how you've heard nothing about it/haven't been able to find one online. You should have studied a region in class (eg. The Americas, Europe and the Middle East...) and the exam will focus on that region. You'll need to write three essays from (I think) 24 questions in 2hrs 30min. There's several sections (at least for Europe and the Middle East) and each section has two questions.
  15. haha, it wasn't that bad I guess, but it did happen on 3 different occasions: 1) sociocultural 8 marks (i messed up that entire question ), 2) cognitive 22 marks, 3) abnormal 22 marks :/ its just that its been drilled into our heads that not remembering dates can affect your final mark for knowledge My teacher's a senior examiner and she told us they're not paying as much attention to dates anymore because they realized it puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on students to remember it. I don't know if they did this for the last exam session as well, but she said we shouldn't worry about it too
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