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  1. I am too, doing English L+L as a "foreigner" or non-native speaker. So far, I am finding it alright. It is definitely not as hard in comparison to literature (in my opinion, from information that has been gathered by friends... etc.) Plus, if you are into pop culture and interesting stuff like that, it would be quite beneficial. I am finding it extremely interesting at the moment (I am currently doing part 3, language and mass communication).
  2. Hi all, So i have been assigned a design lab, for Factors Affecting the Equilibrium Reaction in a Solution containing Iron III ions and Thiocyanate Ions. I want to change the temperature, but how do I measure the equilibrium constant? Do I use the Kc value to measure the equilibrium position? How can I obtain the Kc value? I am only in SL and only learnt the products/reactants...... HELP ;(
  3. Yeah, you can do it on two different novels/short stories. For Hans Christian Anderson, maybe you could do like a comparison to modern day issues?
  4. I think it might be slightly difficult to base an experiment on the choice of ducklings... But that's just my opinion.
  5. I think that your IA topic must be much more specific than this. As your research question at the moment is quite broad. For example this is my research question on Anne Boleyn (my history IA) "To what extent was the execution of Anne Boleyn due to her inability to produce a male heir in 1536?" Dreading to work on my IA at the moment *cries*
  6. Hey guys, I was just wondering if I am doing a biology design lab and I am changing the concentration of the solution. Will I need to do calculations in order to tell the amount of water I will need to dilute from the stock solution? As I am always told off by my biology teacher that I am constantly using chemistry's lab method to do bios Thanks so much!
  7. In your lab, the tables formatting headings - the units and the uncertainty should be separated? (this is what I normally do) The evaluation must at least contain 6 good improvements. The three columns could perhaps be about 1. improvement 2.How it affects the data 3. How it can be improved. I was also told by my teacher that I was also to rank the evaluations. As mentioned above by samerra95 I think your conclusions needs a more detailed explanation of the data. Perhaps you could also include how you calculated the each and the %uncertainty to make an overall judgement of how accurate your
  8. It would be great if someone could give me some advice on how to do better in data analysis? I am okay with everything else in the papers... But I really can't seem to do those data analysis questions and its dragging my whole test grades down Please help *cries*
  9. Are you doing language in a cultural context or language in mass communication? If you are doing the culture one you could: show the evolution of language through plays. I.e. Shakespearian and contemporary plays. show how the language reflects on society? something like that I hope I helped!
  10. its picking a pair out of two pairs.. I.e. sections A and Section B and both sections will have a pair of proses/poems etc etc
  11. I think taking economics would be better.. For chem it is pretty hard to grasp the concepts. In addition, if you're not that great with maths... I wouldn't even suggest you doing chem... There is a lot of maths... Moles calc, enthalpy change etc etc. Im doing SL chem and finding that acceptable, although im not that great at maths. (achieving a 5 in maths standard atm hopefully can get it up to a 6)
  12. love love love tumblr. follllow meeee :3 http://annabanananaa.tumblr.com/
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